Lost GCSE Certificates

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jjasonuk, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    My lad is all set for Winchester on 21 March, Phase 1 before Phase 2 as a VM.

    The problem is he has lost his GCSE Certificates, he has the Provisional Statements of results and a Certified printout of results from his school signed by the Headteacher. We have sent of for copies but there is no chance they will be here for the 21st, they are scheduled to arrive at our home address on the 30th March.

    The local recruitment office said he needs the certificates and nothing else will do, when I asked them what to do they said call back on Friday.

    Does anybody with any actual knowledge of this situation know what the situation is likely to be? (please no speculation, just reply if you know or have experience of it with the Army).

  2. didn't they take copies before his BARB test?
  3. No they accepted the Provisional Statements of results as that was all he had at the time, he never actually lost them himself the school did but we are landed with the problem. School will probably give us the money back (or not) it's the issue of joining on the 21st and certificates not available until the 30th we are worried about.
  4. Can you not just say you will have them sent to you when they arrive at the house??
  5. That is what we are hoping for but the recruiter said we need the certificates on the arrival day. I will have to see what he says on Friday.
  6. Just go in on Friday with the letter from his school signed by the head and explanation that the school are getting the replacements sent to you on the 30th, the Senior Recruiter should be happy with that. However this should of been sorted well before now as his Recruiter will of had to of put him forward to ADSC knowing he had the right grades. Its not until hes finished his 14 weeks at Winchester until he goes to SEME that things would be a major problem and he will get to see the SPSO from the REME around week 9 to discuss things anyway.
    Let the ACIO sort it Friday but I dont think you will have a problem with it.
  7. stupid system! I don't know why they need them!

    Luckily I still got my record of achievement!

    its not as if he is saying he's got an A-Level A+ Chinese and Nuclear Physics!
  8. Well, we have got it sorted, they have acceptd the record of achievement, a letter from the school and his pre-lim result details along with proof that we have paid for the certificates and are waiting for them to arrive.
  9. Because people might lie about their grades to get a job they are not qualified for?
  10. Qualified? Last time I checked, every bastard forgets every fecking thing straight after passing. Education system is balls, churns out a bunch of halfwits with no clue and a ton of certificates etc etc you get the picture.
  11. bloody hell GrizzlyPanda i thought you would have been gone by now whats your date?
  12. Not too sharp are you, darling?
  13. just wondering.... if we have a level certs, do we still need to provide the GCSE ones? I think ive misplaced mine :/