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Lost fighter pilots

Thanks brett, watching now.
Similar prog on History Channel the other day. Many/most/all where F86 Sabre pilots who where said to have been sent to Rooshia for in depth interrogation on advanced features. Had a Rooshin Engineer on who speciality was the advanced 'Radar' gunsight of the F 86.


Awful subject lost remains and families not knowing the resting place of their loved ones.

Last year I looked into getting a photo of the grave of a Luftwaffe FW 190 pilot that was shot down over South Devon. He was interred in a cemetery in Plymouth, and after the war exhumed for re-burial at Cannock German Cemetery. There are references in Plymouth as to his grave, which obviously doesn't exist any more. Cannock can't help as they don't think they ever received the casket. He wasn't a lone exhumation, if I remember correctly there were about a dozen other Germans exhumed at the same time. All are accounted for at Cannock.

How awful that we lost his remains and that his family cannot visit his grave.


There was also a book written a few years ago regarding I think 500 missing British POW's from WW2 who were never accounted for believed to have been caught up in the Russian advance. As recently as about cuple of years ago there was a story of either a Hungarian/Romanian who had been captured during the war and been wounded as he got processed into the system they thought he was mad due to him speaking in "tongues" they thought him mad it was only the fact that a doctor eventually recognised his language that he was returned to his homeland. he had been in Mental hospitals for 60 years :eek:



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