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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by eddiward, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. I've recently passed my Main Board, and I am hoping to get the Undergraduate Bursary in February, however I've lost one of the forms with the contact detail to get in touch with the Sandhurst recruiting desk. It's the same one as you ring to book your dates at Sandhurst, either a phone number or an email address would be really helpful.


  2. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt

    You failed the first test
  3. I have found it. It took me eight seconds on google from an iPhone in the middle of town whilst watching attractive young females doing their Christmas shopping.

  4. On the contrary, his admin is totally non-existant, use of grammer is questionable and expectantly delegates the task of saving his jack arse to others who are better prepared. I expect this spacktard to win sword of honour.
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  5. Any actually helpful responses? My guess is stabtoreg managed to find the Camberly central board however they refused to put me through without a name. They offered me the veterinary corps though. Possibly less helpful than even you.
  6. No I found the number for the Officer Candidate Administrstion Centre.
  7. DearGodPlsMakeItStop.jpg

    A-men to that.
  8. You really are shite! I'm surprised you can find your keyboard - Ah well, blank canvas and all that.
  9. Why not just tell them your name then? Or is it a secret?

    Contact Us - British Army Website

    Make the most of that, it's the only time I'm going to be helpful today.
  10. That's the site I was on Snail, I don't know the name of the person in charge of all the admission process at RMAS, thanks anyway though.
  11. Try 01276 412556

    Will you require help during the entire 44 weeks?
  12. I doubt there will be anyone in, as the Academy is on leave until January.......
  13. PerSec not a strong point either. Pray tell what Cap Badge will be getting you Ed?
  14. RLC Pioneers!
  15. And if you get through, please, please let them answer you with "Are you Edward, the ******** from Arrse that couldn't find the contact number and went asking for it to be posted publically for your convenience?"

    Ears everywhere and all that.