Lost comrades


Does anyone know what happened to Steve Martin? I last saw him in Ireland in 1983, in Ballykelly. As i remember we were both pissed at the time. He was married to a girl called Anne, and i think he moved to North Yorkshire when he left the Army in 1986.


Also does anyone remember that hairy git Geordie Redshaw, where is he now?


What about this for a horrible name from the past!!

John Weathers (and Bev!!!!!!)

The original hen-pecked man, ex-RAF.

Met and worked with him In Ballykelly, many moons ago, before Flash was a Squawk!!
Flashy...haven't you been in since God did his National Service?  ;D

You could always try www.forcesreunited.com if you haven't already.


Geordie Redshaw. Now thats a blast from the past. Last seen in late 80's early 90's in Hilderbanana. Ended up leaving after 12.  Mind you, a lot of people were leaving then. I wonder why.  Could it have been because Fat Eddie Wiles was SSM.  He got realy pissed off when his BFG number plate arrived with the last three letters..................FUB............Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!
Eddy would slate the lads if they couldn't pass a BFT. The Fat Git couldn't even pass a Pizza Hut without pigging out. I remember seeing him and one of his groupies outside a Supermarket, stuffing into copious amounts of Halber Henchen.  The sweat beading of his greasy forehead.  It was eneough to make you want to puke. Worse than that was seeing him ride his Racing Bycycle.  THe size of him with his ass hanging over the seat still gives me nightmares. You could make a film about it ........ "Attack of Eddies Planet sized Bootocks".......Better the devil you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Hey joker were you around when The FUB bought a new Cannondale racer from giessen px and on his first ride buckled both rims. He got it fixed and had tubeless moulded tyres on and on the next BFT he cycled next to HQ lads telling them to get a move on........born leader.....

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