Lost Comrade

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Chaz, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. I am trying to make contact with an old mate.

    His nick was PJ, we served together in NI '88 with 19 Fd Regt RA. His surname is Gray.

    If anyone knows his whereabouts or contact details I would be grateful if you would let me know.


  2. Hi Chaz

    You might have some luck over on the RAA site


    There is a special forum for folks looking for their old mates.
  3. Thanks FluffyBunny - I will put a post there - thanks for the tip. Chaz
  4. Last known locstat was Dortmund.

    He was on the wohnungs-suche website, but that seems to have gone belly up.

    Edited to note that according to mastergnr, my info is u/s :oops:
  5. PJ now lives in Amesbury, I regularly see him out and about. I will make him aware that someone is on the hunt for him.
  6. Say Hi from me as well - he knows me, even if he won't admit it 8O . I was a certain recce party member of 25 on the director side who had a German wife and I wasn't a fatfcuk who did judo (PADS truck). So that should narrow it down :D
  7. I was in 25 from 83-94 (some very good memories) then returned for a short period in April - May 1999 before we all went to seperate ends of the country. You must have passed line to me many times. Happy Days eh? I think I have figured out who you are, does parachuting mean anything to you???
  8. What sub were you? and yes I think many times and happy days is right :D
  9. I was A Sub in Dortmund and Topcliffe, but initially started off on the OP's
  10. Most grateful to you Guardian. Cheers, Chaz
  11. You wouldn't have a squaw tattoo on your arm would you?
  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    That narrows the search down to at least 15 thousand Gunners :)
  13. Ah! But I do know the one he's after ;) 8) and I even know what PJ stands for 8O
  14. hiya fella,

    i know PJ he came across with dragons from 26 to 19 Regt in 2003 he finished his time of there and left the army about 2 years ago mate
  15. Must be a different one from the one I'm thinking of, as he was out in Dortmund with us.