Lost certificates

Discussion in 'REME' started by Slobolobo, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. I left the REME a few years ago and ive misplaced my Class1 qualifications. Does anyone know who to contact to get new ones? Also I was under the impression its a BTEC can anyone confirm? Its driving me nuts.
  2. NVQ level 3 isn't it?
  3. write to manning at kentigern house, 65 brown street, glasgow and ask them if you can have copies. Don't know about other trades but vm's got c&g and we were also given the opportunity to attain nvq 3 with emta. your class one cert will also detail what you have done to achieve on the back and is good for assisting with your cv.
  4. Babcocks (formerly VT Training) may have copies of your certificates from your class 1 dependant on how long ago you were on it. Contact them on 94251 2383 if you are still serving. If not then PM me and I will get you the Civvi number.
  5. Mine was City and Guilds back in 1993, also in conjunction with a certificate from the Institute of the motor industry. As said go through VT training.