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Lost.....cause Im lost

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by RearWords, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. I wonder if there is anyone out there who could give me a synopsis of the tv programme. Whilst I realise I might be asking the impossible - brief, condensed, but anything would be welcome. Haven't watched it since series 1, everyone I know gave up long ago. I'm a glutton for punishment!
  2. Wiki it but good luck trying to understand it cos i dont! :?
  3. Wikipedia is your friend. :wink:

    Edited to add: Bugger - beaten to it! :oops: :)
  4. :oops: :frustrated: I've already read the wiki on the series and it still leaves me in the dark! Was hoping some geek with 'the knowledge' could expand?
  5. As someone once said, "Try explaining the TV Show Lost to someone when you're drunk......For an even BIGGER challenge, try explaining it when you're sober.".

    First Series
    BASICALLY....Plane crash, people survive, all have somehow been intertwined with each other in some way, find hostile locals, island is 'alive' along with polar bears and an odd mist that kills people, people die.

    Second Series
    Survivors find an underground bunker with another 'survivor', bunker has information about island being a science experiment and 1 lucky person gets to type 6 numbers into a computer to stop a severe case of end of world-itus. Guy leaves once survivors invade bunker, now its their problem. Bald guy who can now walk after falling out of an upper level window (thanks to Magic island) trys to convince people that the numbers dont do anything and they capture a local hostile. Also we discover that the numbers inputted on computer are the lottery numbers that a fat bloke used to win millions

    Third Series
    After not entering numbers, island has a freak out and brings another plane down from the sky, fetching more survivors.....most die over the series......also more history told about Island scientists original bunker guy comes back to help, who's girlfriend at home is the daughter of some guy who wants the island inhabitants killed off

    Fourth Series
    after island 'freaks out' more scientist find the island (that wasn't previously on a map) discover the island can now move around, both geographically, and in time....... people die, local hostiles are now friendly, half the original survivors are sent back in time to the 60's (i think) when original scientists were doing tests on island.............some chap wants to kill everyone on island, some survivors manage to get off island and back to their own timelline......some more people die including bald guy

    fifth series
    bald guy comes back to life and decides that everyone has to go back to island for one reason or another spends most the series trying to get everyone back, people die, bomb gets set off at end of series to destroy the island

    Sixth series
    Not seen this yet, but I imagine, people die, island survives bomb, and more head-fuking go on...........and the show wrap up is probably all a dream by a drugged up tap dancing penguin. who smokes too much

    during all series we are shown flash-backs and back stories to people who are on the island and how they ended up arriving on said island

    Jebus, whats so hard to understand :? :lol:

    Its probably better to watch it, as it seems every series was written by different people who havent seen the previous series and have to find a way of linking everything together.........possibly while stoned. To be fair, the whole show is 'pants on head fuked up' even if you watch it you'll probably only understand about 60% of whats going on
  6. That synopsis make Twin Peaks sound sensible.
  7. I knew there was another programme out there that did my head in!!!
    Why did you have to remind me. :(
  8. Soggyllama :judge: :\\ :omfg:

    Thank you for the synopsis - next time I watch it it will be with the brain switched off then. By the way I needed that laugh....if at any time in the future you do work it out let me know!
  9. As someone who has watched every episode, I can't even explain what it is about or what is going on. I almost went off of it a few seasons back, but I stuck with it and glad I did.
  10. If you've watched all of the series, you'll know that series 1 was pretty much just an introduction to the characters and the basic story. However, the real meat of the programme is in the rest of the series! I love Lost, but haven't seen the latest episodes as I don't have Sky :mad:
  11. I don't have Sky but am an avid fan of Lost and buy it by the season box set ... simple, wait two weeks after the release of the dvds (usually October) and pick up them up on flea-bay for half price from people who bought it full price but don't understand it..

    And then you can watch them again and again where you pick up on more of the storyline ... which confuses you even more and means you understand it less!

    And its not as if anyone can spoil it for you because they have seen a season more than you ... because they don't understand it any more than you!