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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chicken1, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. OK - should I feel bad?
    I was in a Tes*0 car park yesterday and found someone's current car-parking permit for a large UK Barracks. I imagined I might be able to find him and privately return it without getting him into trouble etc. All the numbers I tried were no reply or only answerphone replies.
    What to do? In the end I thought what if something more complicated than just clumsily losing his pass occured, and honestly did I want to be part of it etc.
    So after a short time, I handed it into the Police station near my house.
    Was that right? I have all sorts of scenarios in my head about the outcome for the guy. What'll happen to him? slapped wrist or big trouble?
    Anyone got an opinion?

    Best regards all,
  2. Why worry?

    The only way they'll know it was you who dropped them in the smelly stuff is if they see your post.

    Only then, they'll be able to track you down and extract revenge.

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  3. He will loose his car parking facility, has caused a major breach of camp security so he could loose his rank or be faced with military detention. He could even be booted out for such a serious breach so loose his job, his place to live and income, his family will be destitute, his wife will leave him taking the kids with her. She will then get half his earnings for the next 16 years so you have simply ruined his life I hope your pleased with your days work.
  4. Do the British still do the ceremony where they will cut off his buttons, rip his insignia off and then march him off the base with drums beating? If officers I think they break his sword?

    The US stopped doing this due to the high suicide rate of people subjected to this. Still, it would cause people to think twice about being careless with parking passes.
  5. I didn't want to mention the suicide thing and depress anyone but as for the rest buttons epaulets the works yes that happens to Officers, with Ors its more the ceremonial boot up the shitter.
  6. [quote="DavidBOC]Do the British still do the ceremony where they will cut off his buttons, rip his insignia off and then march him off the base with drums beating? If officers I think they break his sword?[/quote]

    Cutbacks mean that the entire ceremony is now conducted by a stores clerk and the drums are on tape. The sword itself is designed to be snapped in two and put back together for the next offender. Helps if you're not in Bastion when they show you the gate.

    Why? Surely it means one less deranged wacko who can later use his shooting skills to take it out on innocent civilians? Besides, it's about time they updated Branded ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branded ).

    They can think about it twice, thrice or as many as times as they like when huddled under a railway arch, drowning their sorrows with meths or high-power metal polish. It's thinking about it once that counts - preferably before being careless, but at least quickly enough to start a frenzied search.
  7. Why worry? He shouldn't have been clumsy enough to lose it!

    Or stupid enough to marrry a blart that is clumsy enough to lose it.
  8. You should be totally ashamed with yourself.
    Admitting to shopping in Tesco,good God whatever next! :D
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    He won't 'loose' anything but he might lose something. :x

    Sorry, pet hate of mine. :oops:
  10. Stick it in the mil post to his work addressed to him. Your job done..
  11. Ah yes, 'clumsiness'...I suppose you've never had that 'd'oh' moment where you've suddely suspected and then quickly realised what a screw-up and hoped you could fix it all before getting found out? Redfaced with palpitations and sweaty palms as you commence the 'frantic search'? Well, as you can tell; I've had that moment, albeit not regarding a pass.

    It's true I don't know the guy, he could be a real knob. I suppose I wanted to get it back to him and had no other way, the mil post not being available to me etc.

    So according to most he's, at best, set to be destitute and suicidal and apparently it's all my fault. I'm never shopping in Tesco's again!
  12. Still, look on the bright side...at worst, he's been on to the ISP to get your address and he's on his way round in his de-badged ginger drinking suit.

    With a large axe.

    Your shopping options may be irrelevant shortly.
  13. Cloud, Silver Lining, ...
  14. To make it worse - if he is home on leave from Active Service he is subject to trial by Field General Court Martial. He could actually be tied to a wheel for this and then his family sold into slavery.

    You barsteward :evil:
  15. Thanks never happen again sir I am a biff and if my spelling is not bad enough I just found out my wife lost my car pass when she went shopping and I’m on Orders Friday anyone know what might happen to me? :party: