Lost Bomber Crew finally laid to rest

RIP and Thank-you.
Reunited again. The Dutch Air Force and Civilian teams do an outstanding job recovering airmen from all sides of the conflict.

There are still many more to find, and recoveries happen all the time. There are more sites coming to light, as the Dutch continue their land reclamation programs.
Amongst the guests were the British and Irish Ambassadors, Mr Lyn Parker and Mr Richard Ryan, respectively, and, representing the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Commodore Andrew Sudlow from Headquarters Air Command in Buckinghamshire.
Good to see that the Irish ambassador bothered his arse to turn out.

Sergeant Kehoe's family wanted to repatriate his remains but apparently they were impossible to accurately separate from Sergeant Mullenger's.

"The brothers on whose land it is are wonderful, people lay flowers at the spot every year, the villagers have taken us to their hearts. People in Holland have never forgotten the sacrifices made to defeat Hitler, they suffered so much and are so grateful,"

Probably appropriate that he rests where his sacrifice is better appreciated.

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