Lost 3BAD RAOC chums

Just found this site. and a jolly good one it is too..
I am looking for some old chums from the ole RAOC days. 3 BAD Bracht. between the years 1979- 1982.
The likes of. Baz Falco, Jock Whishart, Killer Wilde. Frenchie Pettit. Dez Aaron. And Jim Burkett.
does anyone know what became of them? I have heard that Baz Falco is still in (RLC) possable a Captain serving in 7 Tpt Regt some where in Germany. any ideas on how to contact him?
would like to swing the lamp for ole times.
I'm Living in Las vegas, Nevada. USA.
Just write to him.

7 Transport Regiment RLC
Catterick Barracks,
British Forces Germany

Do not know the BFPO number (Prehaps someone will tell you)

Was at Bracht 1972 to 75 myself. SATO and RAG
Gone now, been turned into a Nature Reserve (Well it was one already)
Bielefeld = BFPO39.
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