Loss of Wages On Ops

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_boy_syrup, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I joined the TA in 2003
    When I joined I had been out the Regs for a while so I was sent back to do recruits training this was the end of April start of May 2003 (2 weeks)
    So I didn't qualify for that bounty (not a big problem)
    I then in 2003 did summer camp (2 weeks)
    Ex Mulberry Tree in US (2 weeks)
    2004 called up for Telic 4 (Hooray bags packed and away)
    Arrived at Chillwell with a P60 showing £31 000 earned from Civvie job
    Got awarded a raise up to £22 000 for 'hardship' (Well I won't need so much as I won't be spending it)
    Went away to the lovely Al Ammarah had a good time
    Arrived home end of October 2004 Left Windsor November to be 'de mobbed'
    Went back to work and TA January
    Due to loss of earnings and putting bits and bobs back together missed out going to Ta as much as I wanted
    Missed that bounty
    Hammered the overtime final earnings £26 000 ( £18k Army £8k civ job)
    give or take
    Last week got a letter from HM Tax Office telling me that by earning £26k I was a naughty boy I was only to earn £22k and could I pay them £1000 please
    So all in all Telic has cost me:

    Loss of Earnings £5000
    Tax man £1000
    Bounty £500 (?)
    Mortgage for an empty house £2300 ( pre Mrs Syrup)
    Council tax for above £800 (prime address no discounts)

    Total £9600 with house
    Without house £6500

    Am I the only one?
    Was I just unlucky?
    Did anyone else lose money by going away?
    I did not have a problem at the time going away in fact I loved every minute of it but unfortunetly the TA has had to go
    Civ job has become number 1
    I was mad on the TA and spent almost every weekend there when not working often coming off nights and cracking straight on ex etc
    I didn't mind if I lost a little bit of cash on extra camps etc (Civ employer would make it up for two week camp) plus often used holidays to go away
    But this is just mental I could have took MRS Syrup on the QE2 for that much money
    I can't justify this to the family.
    I'm not asking for 10k back but did the tax man expect me just to sit down and starve when I got back?
  2. As I’ve not had the pleasure of mobilization yet, could I ask:

    A) Why didn’t the army match your civvy wage? I thought they had to?
    B) Why did the tax man put a cap on how much you could earn?

    I earn a similar wage to you and I’d rather not volunteer to be messed about like you’ve been if this is the norm.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    As it was explained to me
    As a trooper the wage cap is £22000 unless you can prove extreme hardship
    To do this you have to produce thing such as credit card bills,mortgage payments etc and prove that by having the drop in wages you will have real diffculties
    However how many people turn up with every bit of paperwork they have?
    I heard I had won the appeal to be raised to £22k when I was at Grantham about a week later Chillwell don't actually tell you it goes to a commitee who look at individual cases
    I am classed as a single man as I am only living with my partner and according to the tax man the army set my tax code accordinly giving me a ceiling of £22k
    My company are very good and are trying to get a reason off the tax man as to why I have to pay the £1000 extra (maybe it's for the brass pwrr used?)
    If you live alone in your own house and can rent it out do it you will get no reduction in council tax bills for being away
    Don't let it put you off it make sure you find out evrything before hand
    On Telic 4 things were still a bit sketchy and the only people who had been away had made a profit as such
  4. You should also ask your company about what tax records they used when they reemployed you.

    If your employer used the wrong tax code, they will have deducted and paid over on your behalf the wrong amount of tax.

    At the end of the financial year the taxman works out that with all your income you should have paid X, hence a tax demand in your case.
  5. This is just one of the many reasons people get annoyed with the MOD and all they spout. I earn considerably more (about twice as much) in my civilian job as my army rank. If I am mobilised I will have great difficulties in meeting my obligations, however I should be able to prove it with the paperwork.
    However, the question remains, why should anyone who earns more in their civilian job be out of pocket because of mobilisation. Why should you have to prove you will face hardship if they don't make up your wages? If I earned 100k per annum and chose to live life as though I earned 10k and banked the rest why should the MOD not make up my wages?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    The rules have changed since TBS went through Chilwell. It is on a salary matching basis (up to approx £200k), not expenditure matching.

  7. Indeed, it is cases such as TBS describes that brought about the changes. That is of little use or comfort to him though I'm afraid.

    As to the tax, I can only echo the advice to go back and recheck the details, and get some specialist advice. This sort of problem could still exist today and it would be nice if the system acknowledged it and offered some guidance, even if it is confined to a recommendation to check for yourself.
  8. Well that puts me right on that, thankfully. One less thing to worry about, lol.
  9. Just wanted to stick my proverbial oar in here, I didn't lose out in my pay but Glasgow really messed up my tax too. When I came back from Telic 5 I got my P60 from the army through the normal routes and a P60 from my previous employer, I used to be self employed so I still have to fill in my own tax return, I was also an employer so I know a thing or two about the tax calculations. Trusting the army I entered the figuires from both P60s and sent off my tax return showing they owed me £1200, because I pay basic rate tax all the time I always get a rebate, saves me owing the tax man money at the end of each year. I just got a letter from the tax man saying I owe them most of that money back now because... "I HAVE RECEIVED AMMENDED P60 DETAILS FROM THE MOD" Oddly enough, I heven't received any ammended details.

    Also while I was in Iraq a mistake in my pay was rectified by deducting the whole amount from one months pay, no notification or anything, just BANG! not incoming, outgoing £550.

    Why can the army get away with this when civvy firms are regulated?