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An odd question....

Is there any way, that upon leaving the army you could be asked to give up your pension OR have it taken from you???

If you leave the Army (with an immediate pension) then take up a subsequent FTRS post then your pension is abated to bring your wage in line with that of your peers. I can't think of a scenario where your pension is actually taken off you in it's entirity though.
So no matter how much trouble you had been in etc you would still get your pension when you came out?? which is was I thought that if you had paid into a pension scheme you couldn't forefit what you had paid in!!
Not too sure that you have actually paid into any pension. If you were then you could have had it with the rather nice tax incentive civis have.

As its sourced by HMG I don't think they can give the tresury the same tax break.

If you have paid into a civi pension scheme and stop befor the designated retirement age say you retire at 56 not 65 then for the last 9 years the pension fund stays dormant and then you have to the buy into another fund ( or Annuity?)when you are 65 - Or thats how my second pension is going to work.


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I didn't know this, but I never realisd that you would get a pension at 65 regardless of how many years served, as long as it was four or above. Wont be feck all if you don't hit your 12yr point, but just something I never knew about.
If memory serves me right (but have been known to be barking up the wrong tree from time to time) you have to complete you 22 years service to get a pension upon leaving then a full pension at 55, but if less than 22 years service you get no pension until your 55th birthday.
Feel free to amend as nec if im up the wrong tree
I did 6 and was came across my paperwork the other day, it said the amount (yearly) I had, and that I would get a lump 3 times that. (Index or what linked).
But I had to inform them a few months before my 60th Birthday! (long way off yet)!
Guns - near enough. Immediate pension from 22 yr point, index linked uplift when 55.
Between 12-22 yrs service, Preserved Pension, payable when 65 (new rules), with 10k resettlement grant paid on departure.

As for losing it - it's a contributory system paid by MOD on your behalf, therefore can not be withdrawn - only your departure date will affect it (i.e. getting discharged at the 21.5 yr point would be shite).

I don't know anyone who has 'lost' their pension - a retired Cpl was court martialled in Jul for JPA fraud (he left 3 months before the hearing), received suspended sentence, community service and fine - no mention of loss of pension.
Yep - become a Chelsea Pensioner and you will have to "surrender" your pension.
I thought the "surrender" part was really to finance the cost of you staying there? Also don't you have need to have done a full service (e.g. army 22 years) to qualify? So they get your full pension back.
A couple of points. Firstly, the minimum service for a preserved pension is 2 years, payable at age 60 (for service prior to 1 Apr 2005 (not sure about exact date)) and 65 (for service post that date), plus a lump sum of 3 times the annual pension. All which you have to apply for, so it could be worth reminding any ex-service relatives.

As for the original question, I haven't got the regs to hand, but I'm fairly certain that being convicted of treason may have an effect on your pension.

Oh, and just to put the record straight, you don't actually contribute to your pension, although they do abate the x factor by 7% because of it.
To be eligible for admission as an In-Pensioner, a candidate must be a former non-commissioned officer or soldier of the British Army who is:

1. In receipt of an Army Service or War Disability Pension for Army Service.

2. Normally 65 years of age or over; exceptionally a candidate may be admitted under this age if he is suffering from a seriously disabling, incurable but not immediately life-threatening condition requiring long-term care

3. Free from any obligation to support a partner or family

Also eligible for admission are any former officers of the British Army who meet the criteria provided they served for at least 12 years in the ranks before obtaining a commission or if they were awarded a disablement pension while serving in the ranks.

On admission to the Hospital a Pensioner surrenders his service and/or disability pension in return for board, lodgings, clothes and medical care. Retirement and any other pensions, savings, bank accounts or investments are not surrendered.

Pensioner Recruitment - The Royal Hospital Chelsea
I wasn't asking for myself.... bit of walt hunting going on....

target has told me that he left the army under a massive black cloud and had to give up any rights to his pension.... which is interesting as I got my question wrong in it's self as I had asked since he was not working, not claiming and in need of cash what about his pension!!! the more I thought about the I thought it was odd as I have a public sector pension and you never loose it!!
As for losing it - it's a contributory system paid by MOD on your behalf, therefore can not be withdrawn - only your departure date will affect it (i.e. getting discharged at the 21.5 yr point would be shite).
It counts as non-contributory. You can lose it for:

  • As previously said,
    • owing the Army money. Recoveries only.
    • abated while re-employed in the Army or similar govt occupation. (Edited to add - this seems to include the Royal Hospital!)

  • Conviction for treason.
  • Conviction for 10 years or more for Official Secrets Acts offences.
  • Conviction and SoS forfeiture certificate issued for various offences including:
    • assisting the enemy in time of war,
    • mutiny
    • desertion in war or on active service
    • some sabotage offences
    • serious Geneva Convention breaches
he left the army under a massive black cloud
Err, quite a huge black cloud. Haven't heard of either of the automatic forfeiture offences recently and I have never heard of an SoS cert being issued under AFPS75 or 05.
I thought originally Treason carried the death penalty up until about 2000? Or was my instructor (in 95) haivng me on??!! Whaaa
So, fine, they just don't have to pay you between conviction and execution. Simples.

<Wah shield on> - Maximum penalty and sentence can be different. Unless you're up in front of the Col.

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