Loss of motivation

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by gaslad, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. hi, i have now been training to join the army for over 6 months, and 3 weeks ago went to selction.
    I was medically defered and have now passed a specialist appointment and am awaiting a letter to call me back to selection.

    Before selection i trained 6 days a week, alternating between cardio and streght, ate all the right things and was 110% commited.
    my problem is now i have lost most of that motivation, at the start of each week i make a plan, and after one of two days i just loose the will and end up with the odd run here and there and 20 or so press ups.

    I am now gettin worryed as it is possible i could be back at selection and feel i will not be fit enough.
    Even when i do go for a run, i do not feel the same passion to push myself as i did before.

    Can anyone suggest something to help me get motivated again, i know this may sounds like a stupid post but i cant think what else to do, i have just lost all motivation
  2. Gaslad - that's a good post and well done to you for having the courage to bring it to this forum.

    Think of this: why did you want to join the Army in the first place? If the desire is a strong as it was before (and from what you say, there doesn't seem to be any evidence to suggest that it isn't) then consider that as the way forward.
  3. Have you tried to vary what you do? How about a swimming session, or going for a bike ride?

    6 months of the same stuff is pretty hard going really - set yourself new targets with different exercises! Keep your CV level up, and keep running a couple of times a week to keep yourself in your times! If your time is good, then backing off from running for a while, can't be too detrimental I wouldn't expect.
  4. Join the RAF, motivation is a subject for discussion there too.
  5. you may find that you gain ur confidence again when u get a selection date or even after, to be honest, its probably 1 of the worst days of my life, I mean being 100% dedicated, packing and everything and lugging all that + a suit with u only to be sent back (for me on a bus full of people who passed) can really be a pain.

    I just justify it by thinking that next time I go I wont have to do my TST or my medical again so will already have a leg up on the game and to be honest the only thing I was really worried about was the medical since thats the only thing I cant affect, from now on its all down to the effort I put in and how much I want it.
  6. I too had this problem. I had some very helpful suggestions.

  7. Hi.

    I've just come back from passing selection - I was only training a little bit before I went and I managed to pass - Despite being a smoker for 8 years and being relatively idle. Unless you are overweight you are not likely to fail the fitness tests - However, you have said that motivation is a big issue and that will make a big difference to your performance on the selection days. If it helps though I'd like to say that although selection was hard work, it was also very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to army life even more than ever now. You don't need to be training EVERY day, take a day off every other day, and think about the numerous benefits of joining the army:

    Great pay (when you consider the cheap accomodation, food, etc)
    Travel the world
    Cheap holidays doing adventure training
    Meet loads of people
    Becomes fitter, stronger, and more confident
    Have a job which is not just work, but a career - a lifestyle
    Be taken care of medically by the army
    Get lots of sun if you get posted somewhere warm
    Eat well
    Drink lots of beer!
    And many more

    Maybe its just temporary - Go to selection and then see how you feel, I gaurentee you will enjoy it and be inspired!
  8. Who Dares Wins, there is that pain barrier you have to put yourself through when doing hard training, if you find it is becoming boring change your routine but keep you fitness level up.and diet good food, think positive that all the effort is doing you good, you either want to do it all or you would like to do it , you must tell your self I WANT TO DO THIS POSITIVE ONLY. Good Luck.
  9. If you've been training for 6 months you should be more than fit enough to past the physical side of selection, alot of people who go on selection havn't trained half as much as you.
    What node said sounds like a good bit of advice, might be that your bored of the same routine.
  10. just give in now you wont last
  11. thats utter balls.
    adampoo, i personally have 'fallen out' of training schedules for a few weeks before, and last week i went to northumberland and spent near on a week fell running aand walking up and down hills and mountains the smallest of which was about 450m, all with a 7kg bag in walking boots. i covered 30 miles plus a day, most of which was up or down steep slopes. couple that with sleeping in a tent every night.

    whatever your fitness a trip like that would take some serious mental strength, as its ******* tough punishment i tell you.

    are you suggesting that i should also give up because i have had issues with motivation in the past.

    i train with a fair few career military guys from different countries, and let me tell you i spoke to them on this subject, and they all confessed to doing the same at some point.
    in the army its easy, your motivation is a big PTI screaming at you. nobody, and i mean nobody will be able to train religiously for a long period of time, under their own steam and not have a few days where they think i cant be fucked.

    adampoo, we are all human. it is in our nature to be lazy once in a while, its just part of life that sometimes we all think we cant be arsed, even about something we want more then anything.
  12. All I can say is, How much do you want to get into the army?

    If you want to succeed, you probably will!
  13. Gaslad, you had a kick in the nuts when you "failed" the first time. Your moral hit rock botton at 100mph and has stayed there. In you own mind you have already failed the selection.."I've failed it once, therefore I'll fail again" hence, why train as hard as I did? this is not true..get it in your head that you WILL pass and move your 'ass and get back training.

    Remember you where only deferred, that's for the Medical Board to make certain you are ok. That has been confirmed by the Specialist, therefore there is no reason for you to fail again. Paperwork always takes its time, so, in the meantime get out there and prove to yourself that you can,and will make it