Loss of Memory (half ziemhers maybe)

Hi there, new to the board, was in the RE from 79-83 and now living in the USA.
Had a question that you maybe able to help me with, when I went through basic with 54 sqd at Old Park Barracks, Dover, Kent. I can remember firing an LMG, that for some reason I thought was a magazine fed GPMG in 7.62 (.308 over here).

Am I totally hallucinating, or did the "gimpy" only come as a belt feeder?

We did have the Bren, and I remember that well, it is just the gimpy that has me wondering?

Thanks in advance for the reply's.


The LMG L4 training was indeed done at JLLRE but not until course 3.
The old BREN was rechambered from .303 rimmed round to the standard NATO 7.62mm rimless.
The barrel was easily adapted and recromed, the face of the ejector and extractor were re-designed with little else done as the quality and the solid machine steel billet build was brilliant for the original gun and most are still going today.
Simple drills, Mag fed and you could use an SLR mag on it as well.
There was even a 100 round pan mag for AA.
This was a much superior gun to the GPMG for section work I think and I never seen one stop for anything breaking unlike a GPMG.
The Booties were the last Infantry types to have it and they had to be ripped out of their hands as it performs better in the Arctic with its Mag feed.
Think of a 7.62mm Belt full of Ice going into a GPMG feed Pawl and you know what I mean.
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