Loss of intrest

Discussion in 'ACF' started by 5.56mm, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Well hello people,
    It makes me feel very depressed to write this topic, but I need to talk about it. I have always wanted to be an infantry soldier and will always want to be. I have being in cadets for about 2 and a half years now, am a full screw and a 3 star and am 15, now what I want to write about. For the first 2 years of my cadet career I was really keen, put effort into evreything and was probaly a bit more focused than I am now. But now I am still keen don't get me wrong but it seems as if i mess around more not getting in trouble but terroising people and things like that, I have being busted once but got my rank back soon enough as it was not my fault. I want to join the army soon but it seems I am losing intrest as ti be honest I don't really do much on parade nights. I just need a bit of advice!
  2. you're young......give it time.

    Cadets has no affect on any possible military career. Just dont be a knobber and make a twat of yourself by being a bully and making other peoples lives hell. :evil:

    (There used to be a light hearted comment here...but it upset gunny!!!!):wink:
  3. Dammed if you do and Dammed if you don't.

    Cadets and Regs- 2 very different things? you can be back to back touring in and out of war zone to war zone or having skills which keep you behind a desk or a workshop.

    The army is what you make of it and how you approach each day regardless of what gets slapped square in your face. Work out all your options first, aim high and keep keen. If it doesn't work out, well, at least you tried.

    Patience is a virtue and also a lonely persons game
  4. he's fifteen.....probably give you a run for your money. :D
  5. Yea thanks, by terroising I don't mean bullying, I meant pranks etc. I suppose I haven't lost intrest just became less shy, I enjoy cadets hell of alot and my dream is to join the regs.
  6. 5.56
    you are a three star cadet which means you have pretty much done everything in the manual.
    Does your detachment commander employ you to teach? or do any method of instruction with you for your 4 star? or do you find yourself sitting on your arse bored stupid, as there arnt enough instructors to sort everyone out including you?
    Its a crappy situation matey but you need to be pro-active, speak to your det comdr ask hime if you can teach or be involved with teaching. I have 3 star cadets and they rotate with the basic instructor to learn how to teach and actually teach for themselves under a watchful eye, then they can get confidence and help when or if the need it!
    hope this helps little man!

  7. matey,
    everyone goes through a loss of interest regardless of the role they have in the armed forces/cadets,it's natural ,
    Best thing to do is approach your det cmdr and ask his/her advice get a project for yourself something which will get you a level of responsibility at your detachment in turn your staff will have a better opinion of you and will throw things your way.
    Get yourself on master cadet or an equivalent if you can ,something which will enhance your training level.
    where are your detachment based ?
  8. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Go and join the air cadets then!
  9. Outstanding work!
  10. thought you would like it........

    Airborne Forever

  11. rofl
  12. Nice to see you back 5.56, have you been hibernating
  13. Hang in there son. As a 3 star you should, as troop said be employed in an instructional capacity to a degree. My 3 star corporal works hard and is a valued member of the detachment. If you're losing interest, it has to be asked, why? You say you enjoy being a cadet, but are you being challenged enough?
    Anyway, nice to see you back. Don't jack and keep posting. I and many others on this board have seen you mature an awful lot over time. Everyone has ups and downs. I've been in the ACF for 18 years. 3 as a cadet and 15 as an instructor. There was a time as a cadet that I got so bored I stopped parading. When I got the angry letter from county HQ telling me to hand my kit in I returned to the detachment and had the following conversation with the DC:
    "Cdt papegojan, have you received a letter from county re your kit?"
    "what letter sir, I've not been well but I'm Ok now."
    I'm glad that all those years later, I made the choice I did and stuck at it.
    Good luck.
  14. No matter what you do in life there will always be moments when you look around you thinking "where the f*ck is my life at?" and you will feel like you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, and hating every minute of it. Perhaps this is the first time you've experienced this, but believe me, it will happen a number of times in your life. At each point you have what comes down to 3 choices:

    1. Get on with it and persevere knowing things will get better;
    2. Honk about it but nothing is ever going to change as wherever you are the things that make you unhappy will be as a result of the organisation you belong to and its aims and objectives are most certainly not centred around keeping individuals happy;
    3. Get out and find something else/somewhere else to spend your time.

    My view is that as you are expressing a concern you are inclined to do (1).

    You will have ups and downs, and that is part and parcel of life. If the positives oughtweigh the negatives, then sticking with it is always the best option. And it is true, when soldiers stop honking that is when you know something is wrong!

    Also, you are 15. You are at a funny stage in life. Given your seniority and age (relative to other cadets) you are probably being seen as somone who ought to be showing leadership and bringing more junior cadets on. If your Det Cdr is experienced enough (as any commander ought to be whether it is in the ACF or Regs) they ought to guage your disposition and push you hard enough to develop you, but not so hard as to discourage you. If you are bored and acting up (common enough even with reg soldiers) then speak to your OC about doing something more challenging like prepping yourself for a challenging course or taking on responsibilities in your unit.

    Finally, cut yourself a break. You are 15. You are still a kid going through an akward stage of not being an adult but not having yet matured enough to be free from wanting to do the things teenagers do, like arrsing around. If you are still asking yourself the same questions at 25 THEN you need to worry!

    Even when you do make it into the army (and if you want to I am sure you will) you will have the lattitude to screw up a bit from time to time without it being career limiting. You would be surprised how many SNCOs got busted early in their careers.
  15. I can appreciate what you are going through, I myself only did a couple years myself, got 2 star but no rank, however I was in 2 dets as I lost faith in the first one and neer really gelled in the second.

    It may sound wierd but I left the ACF as I felt it couldn't give me anything else, it set me up in life and was a great foundation to work off but the ACF is not the army which is where i wanted to be. So I left at about 15 and concentrated on my school work, took a part time job which gave me more buliding blocks and then joined up when I was old enough.

    Something you might want to consider at your age is the Army Foundation College

    AFC Harrogate