Loss of God is making us miserable, say MPs


Britons are unhappy because they are in spiritual poverty, not because they are materially poor, according to a group of MPs.
I suppose that these MPs plan to establish their salaries on the mean UK level. So it would be much more easy for them to live as ordinary Brits live. As they are apparently spiritually rich then the MPs would be happy.

They claim society lacks a sense of well-being because of a loss of faith in God and religion.
The authors claim everyone's wellbeing would improve if Christian values were taken more seriously in society.

Gary Streeter, a Conservative MP and a member of the working party, said: "I think many policymakers sense these things, but don't know what to do about it.
Oh fcuk off, Sergey.
Ahhh, so to be happy in modern britain I just need to believe in an invisible giant who lives in the sky? So all those times people tried to make me apply reason and rationality they were just trying to make me unhappy ;-) ? How wrong of us peons to get unhappy about things like crime, taxes, poor leadership, low defense spending, MPs being wnakers etc, if we just accept a 2000 year old palestinian carpenter as our personal saviour everything'll be fine!!

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