Loss of Gibraltar

...because endless Falklands threads repeating well-worn fantasies are boring.

So, as the clock ticked on past 1400 in the CO's office in Devil's Tower Camp the brigade of Spanish marines played out their most recent prevarication with landings on the cusp of the 3 mile limit to the east of the Rock...

[Cut a long story short and some over eager marines shoot from their landing craft at the RN River Class patrol boat that was dispatched by the landing craft's (accidental) incursion into the 3-mile limit. Two matelots dead and shots fired back killing a Spanish marine... The border is closed. Airspace over Spain is denied to British flights trying to reinforce the Rock...]

No boring posts about two EU or NATO countries (Turkey/Greece) fighting.
Of consequence, 150,000 drunken scousers and geordies invade Spain... as per normal.
The UK is deploying the Duke of Lancs and RRF? Times have changed of late, old friend, sadly those fine Units would be lucky to field 150 pax these days, in between drawdown, Regtl Duties and back-filling vacant posts on tour.
Close the Gib border these days, and most of southern Spain would immediately go tits-up as one of its last remaining employment sources gets cut off....

(..and the processing centre for the vast amounts of black money that keep much of the coastal economy afloat..)
Spain only invades between hours of 0700 & 1300. Forced rest of a siesta
Then when the burro wakes continue till 1900.
Then its compulsory margarehita time. Then no work gets done.


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I happened to arrive in Gib the day after the Scorps had had a referendum oin whether to stay British. I've never seen so many Union flags anywhere. I gathered that 3 voted against and one of them was the female piece of filth who made a fuss about three wannabe murderers being duffed there.


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There economy would crash even further when the population of liverpool and newcastle don't have there holidays on the costa del sol.
Spain needs our Chavs and pissheads to stay afloat

... .... .. -


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In retaliation, we just invade the two Spanish enclaves in North Africa - Ceuta and Melilla.

They're whining about Gibraltar while doing the self same thing on the other side of the Straits.



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