Loss of days for OTC

Just had a memo from our county HQ telling us that those A.I.'s not attending annual camp will loose 14 training days entitlement to pay for the OTC to attend instead. Is this unique to my county or does every other county punish those instructors who have a full time job and can't always get the time off?????
Banshee, this sounds a bit suspect to me. The OTC are not short of man training days, and most OTC COs are only too willing to pay for their Officer Cadets to go on an ACF annual camp.
yeah it would be interesting to know who was getting the extra cash, it's been an open secret for years that the CAA's get a back hander for camp, but i would have thought taking 14 days pay off the 50 or so instructors not going would draw a bit of attention!!

The particular OTC that are attending are sending about 20 personnel to do the gate duties/fire piquet that the lazy/wanna get drunk AI's don't want to do, they usually run the admin office and provide bar stewards for the messes as well, not to say they don't deserve pay, i just can't understand why others have to loose out, who maybe use their days over the rest of the year.
I believe that the MTDs to pay for the UOTC OCdts comes from Bde if you they were allocated to you on a Bde Assistance Tasking.

If it was sorted out around Bde then it might be a difference scenario.

I'd still look in to this one.
Capt Cheeky said:
libel, deformation of character, slander.......

Not really old chap, just a very minor whinge. I note that I am going to Annual so does not apply to me and in fact am still doing any and all weekends asked of me whether I get paid or not. Further more I have no intention of "Deforming" anyone as I hate seeing dented people.

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