Loss of confidence in UK courts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. I know this sticks in the craw but, in law, this decision is correct. if you read the article the driver in question was not convicted of dangerous driving and no legal power exists to make him pay the compo.

    Courts cannot act beyond their power. The victim will still recieve his money but from the another source (and much quicker than £3 a week).

    It just doesn't seem right, hard cases make bad law.......

  3. if he does it right, he can sue the family for stress like that bast*** taxi driver who sued the family after he killed their son.
  4. I hope they find a way to take the little chav sh*te to the cleaners - the git deserves everything he gets.
  5. I am sure that leaving the scene of a crime is against the law and is a custodial sentence. Driving without due care and attention etc are available to the police.

    it is the duty of the Government to change the law but sadly such things are of minor import considering that billions are spent on convict rehabilitation and only millions spent on victims. There is NO accountability with this government since they have removed the H.O.L and reduced the judicial organisation to nothing more than a group of yes men.

    Other than organising a fund for this poor lad and providing assistance to his parents, nothing will improve the rest of his life.

    In real terms, I don't care if the press reads the responses to half of these threads - maybe we could change things.
  6. makes you sick dosent it
  7. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Unlucky! There are still minority sports to ban first. I'm glad that their priorities are so well ordered.
  8. What strikes me as madness is that the courts really think that banning someone who is driving without insurance, and probably hasn't got a license anyway, is going to work. Do they really expect that they will obey the court? These scum just walk out of the court and jump into the car they have parked in the carpark then go and run someone else down.

    Jail the b@stards instead of banning them!! That'll keep them off the road!
  9. Abso-bloody- lutely!
  10. Two accidents, two innocent parties injured and the *anker is still on the streets laughing. What makes it worse is that he probably got leagal aid to defend himself with too. Sometimes you just wish that the stocks were still an option. They'd soon realize what the population really think of them.
  11. stories like this REALLY make me mad!!!!
  12. Too right! Here's the proof:

    That Howard Bloor was continuedly banned, and even when he appeared in court for breaking the ban - what did the nice judge do? Extended the ban again - hello? WTF? Then again - I think the judge's hands are tied; there's only maximum they can put them in jail for especially if sentenced before a magistrate - therefore the most is six months. Its the law that needs a severe shake up.
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