Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Onetup3, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. It seems that site owners can be made to divulge the e-mail addresses of those deemd to have offended.
  2. Which is why, if you have any sense, you only use your traceable e-mail address for serious applications such as banking.
    For anything thats going to be viewable on 'tinternet' use a hotmail account. Its basic security.
  3. Or use identity theft and watch amused as your mate is dragged in front of the beak! :D
  4. Would you count ARRSE as a serious application?
  5. I've just a quick scan down the attached link and was glad to read the following:

    Raucous debate?! Could they mean ARRSE? :D

    Just goes to show you can't hide behind a username if you cross the legal threshold.
  6. Here's the judgment: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/QB/2007/2375.html

    The owner of the site that got sued - www.owlstalk.co.uk - Neil Hargreaves is something of a hero in this. The football club originally wanted 34 members' personal details. He dug his heals in, fought the good fight, shelled out on lawyers, and got it down to 13 at the start of the high court action. This was reduced by the judge to 4.

    Many, many message boards would simply have thrown in the towel and (probably secretly) handed over details to the bullying lawyers, right at the start. It’s worth looking at the court transcript (linked above) to see (a) how thin skinned and ridiculous the complainants were and (b) the practical steps message boards can take to reduce the risk of being in Hargreaves’ position. For example, a simple statement in a forum sign-up agreement that members details - email and IP addresses - will not be handed by forum management to a third party except if demanded by law or court order, is acknowledged by the judge as being important.
  7. Or of course you could not libel anyone to begin with. You may remain anonymous but Arrse will still be held responsible.

    Although most people abused on here are politicians and I think its impossible to libel them as they are lying cheating scumbags to a man. :D
  8. Certainly not. This place is a refuge for nutters and psychotic SCHing stalkers, which is why, if you look at my profile, you'll see that I have my email address listed as sandmanfez@yahoo.co.uk
  9. Not if ARSSE management move quickly to remove any libel. This is new law because the medium's so new, but the so-called 'third party defense' is holding up. It means, basically, that if a forum management acts quickly and responsibly to remove libelous content they should be protected from litigation as publishers of the libel.

    I agree. To post the unvarnished truth about many British politicians is sufficiently devastating.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  11. It all depends on the wording of the court order. I've not seen it. If it's only for email addresses then the four may still be covered. But if it's for IP addresses too then that provides additional in-roads. If it is narrowly drafted, say for email addresses only, then there's nothing to stop the club from going back to court and seeking a wider order. The whole point of getting this order is to crack the four anonymous screen names so the club can decide whether or not to issue libel writs. You can't sue 'Biped'. :lol: They might, for example, want to employ investigators beforehand to see whether the four have any assets. There’s less incentive to sue someone for libel if they haven't a pot to pi$$ in.
  12. The Internet is not anonymous.

    You have some level of protection in that there is so much online traffic that there's a massive amount for any potential foe to sift through. You have further protection offered by anonymous email accounts (whether it be hotmail or one of the paid services such as hushmail). You can then further your security again by using a proxy server (or several) to disguise your IP address.

    However, they catch hackers who do all this and more every day. The bottom line is - If they really want to find you, they will!
  13. Complete anonymity when sending email on tinternet is actually rather easy.

    Assume the target of your abuse is at somemailserver.com. Use nslookup to find the name of it's mail server. Call it mail.somemailserver.com.

    1. Buy laptop with wireless.
    2. Drive around till you find unsecured Wireless Access Point, (about 50% are unsecured).
    3. Connect to Wireless Access Point.
    4. Open command prompt, (Start - Run - cmd - <enter>)
    5. Type: telnet mail.somemailserver.com 25 <enter>
    6. Type: helo spoof.com <enter>
    7. Type: mail from: me@spoof.com <enter>
    8. Type: rcpt to: target@somemailserver.com <enter>

    NOTE: remove the spaces in the email addresses. ArRSe puts them in...

    9. Type: data <enter>
    10. Type: Subject: title of my abuse <enter> Add abuse here <enter> . <enter>

    NOTE: That is <enter> followed by a full stop followed by <enter>

    11. Type: quit <enter>
    12. Drive away.

    You cannot be traced because they only thing that can ID your computer goes unlogged on the wireless network you connected to.