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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Zarathustra, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. I've just been on Armynet to check my pay and have noticed that I've been billed £145 for loss & damage charges. This is a bit of a shock as I recon I'd remember loosing or breaking something worth that much.

    I'm on a course for the beginning of next year so will only be able to sort this out with my admin office over the phone, is there anyway for them to find out what I've been billed for and provide something so I can claim on my kit insurance? If not is there anyway I can try and get the money back if I can prove I've not lost or broken anything that I've been billed for?

    Is it worth the hassle, or will I just get told I've (apparently) signed the paper work so have no come back?

    Also whats the sort of time frame for 8 year money to be paid? Not in a rush to get it just curious as I signed the paper work on the 1st of December and it hasn't been paid in to my account yet.

  2. Just ring your admin office, they will be able to tell you who the P1954 was raised by. Then that said person or department will hold a copy of that P1954, This form will show exactly what the bill was for and your signature.
  3. It could well be a collective billing; eg. Accommodation Fire Door trashed - all in corridor billed.

    If it is something like this then ask:

    Who raised the bill
    Who else has been billed
    When it was reported
    Who else had access/use at the time

    It is well worth the hassle of finding out £145 is quite a few beer tokens.

    I'm sure you can't be billed unless you've signed for something or been up in front of your boss.

    (Get copies of paperwork and bills for you kit insurance.)
  4. Cheers for the replies.

    I wasn't sure in the admin office would be able to tell me who billed me or not, will chase it up via the phone in the new year.
  5. Ringing your admin office won't help fella.

    HRA no longer put claims on, you need to speak to the QM's ref equipment loss, M/Chef ref PAYD Billing, Clothing storeman ref clothing etc etc, all the HRA can do is see who raised it and possibly the voucher number (providing its not the same one used over and over).

    Did you sign for replacement kit?in Oct/Nov time?
  6. think it will, doesnt mean the QM's P1954'd him, least find JPA's number, ill look in morning for you, since Im stuck on camp cos of snow
  7. I don't recall signing a P1954 for anything near £145 in the last 9 years, the most recent thing I signed for was 3 pairs of socks last month and I don't think they cost that much.

    I have my suspicions that a retard I work with has fucked something up somewhere.

    If no one can provide paper work to prove I've signed for something worth that much is there any process for getting the money back from the army?
  8. Try this:

    Contact Details

    JPAC EC telephone enquiry lines are open between 0700 - 1900 (UK local time) Monday to Friday. A 24 hour e-mail enquiry service is also available.

    Routine Enquiries:
    Fax: Mil: 94561 3586
    Civil: 0141 224 3586
    International: 0044 141 224 3586
    Address (Letters): JPAC Enquiry Centre
    Mail Point 465
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX
    E-mail: JPAC@afpaa.mod.uk

    Urgent Enquiries:
    Telephone: Mil: 94561 3600
    UK Freephone: 0800 085 3600
    Civil: 0141 224 3600
    International: 0044 141 224 3600
    Unit Admin Office: As promulgated at Unit level

  9. you signed for three pairs of socks? Where they made of gold thread? Socks are free in the RN and have been since KUA went out. I cannot believe in this day and age of tri service workings one force is being charged for socks when another gets two pairs free a month!
    I visited a Naval base in November with cadets and got my two pairs of socks free!