Losing the only real cherry

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wonk_Mog, May 26, 2009.

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  1. A paid for whore in Germany/UK

  2. A married bint down the road/town

  3. The girl/boy I thought I was in love with when I was 16

  4. I'm saving it until my wedding night

  1. Be honest guys, mine went to some randy married bint down the next street.
  2. Looks like we're all plumping for the traditional :lol:
  3. Mine was a sorry, tawdry tale of deception, stolen youth and intense emotion.

    When I was 13, a girl of 16 moved onto my street and was f*cking ace ! She went out with a lad who had a motorbike and smoked ! I was enamoured ! What an utterly shameless girl, had a massive wart on the inside of her thigh with a solitary hair hanging out of it and was prosecuted years later for seducing a 15 year old lad and greasing him up with handsoap for anal entry which resulted in the poor little sod having to go to A and E with his ma !
    Have seen her twice since and was biblical with her once, a lovely experience, at the height of our relations a tiny balled fist hammered on the door and a 4 year old schreeched 'I can ear ya shaggin!'

    I salute you Stevie, you gave me so many things, a first 'proper' look at a fanny, all pulled apart and spread for my inspection, an introduction into wee wee games in your Mums tatty bathroom and our booze stealing escapades were magical.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Oh THAT sort of cherry...
  5. The Mrs of the pub landlord down the road.
    Never been able to remember her name.
  6. knob off you boring cnut, back to your haberdashery, military history and antique cars, bet its a laugh a minute at ruckers x x :D
  7. Mine was a famous tall, blonde, American, who shall remain nameless out of the mutual respect of that one beautiful night we spent together when I was a naive youngster.

    Yup, losing my virginity to a WWE Heavyweight champion wrester was the way I always dreamed it to be.
  8. I'm saving it until my wedding night
  9. And Im Roy Castle !! Theres a few on here that will accomodate you, regardless wether you have a winky or a floo floo
  10. I'm sure you are, Chubb. :roll:
  11. F*cking well spotted ! Snuck right past me !
  12. In which case Chubb, your gonna cark it as a virgin ( and soon we hope )
  13. I thought delicate types referred to it as a "foo foo" or were you implying that the gash would be so cavernous that it could be likened to a chimney flue?!
  14. Like, the size of a cooling tower Dozy? 8O :D