Losing lots of weight - should I skip breakfast?

In the last month I've gone from 22 stone to just over 20. I eat a good dinner and a sandwich for lunch and I swim 4 times a week for 30 lenghts of a 20m pool here at work. I've also started playing golf. So - all is very good indeed.

Question - I don't get at all hungry until 12pm. I'm up at 6, in town for 8, work until 11 then swim for half an hour. So, given that I'm not hungry, should I eat breakfast or not?

Thank you
eat regular meals and your body will use what it needs, instead of storing it as fat- your body does this when it doesn't know when the next meal is. Get into a routine and you will lose weight just by eating small meals 4 or 5 times a day, obviously not to fatty etc
No No No No. Missing breakfast is terrible.

High metabolism is the key to burning calories - and this is achieved by eating small, regular meals.

Run, or even walk each morning on an empty stomach (just water), then have breakfast.

And do NOT eat any carbs after midday. Weight should fall off!
Little and often.

Try a weetabix or two in the morning with skimmed milk and/or a fruit smoothie.

fruit at naafi break.

cut the sandwich and have a salad with some meat or a pasta dish fo lunch.

Some fruit (dried) and nuts for a snack and the a good healthy dinner. try not to eat too late.

Cut beer etc, and try to drink more water or fruit juice.

Don't hate yourself for the odd treat... you have a long journey.

Oh, and on the golf course... run between putts :D

Try taking some good multivitamins (centrum or multibionta), and some cod liver oil (poss with glusacome or what ever it is called) you can buy vats of the things from Holland and Barratt for next to nothing, who also sell nice dried fruit and stuff for snacks.
Smoothies? god no!

Look at the label on a smoothie and see how many calories and grams of sugar therein.

I recently lost alot of weight by eating 1 gram of protein per pound I way, (4 calories per gram of protein) and very light cardio and weight trained twice a week.

I was losing half a pound of weight a day (though very little lean body mass - had it measured).

At 20 stone your knees must be killing you! So I recommend you work out your caloric needs, aim for a high deficit, consume enough protein and green vegetables - the way will drop off.

Good luck :)
Get yourself a good belly full of scottish porage oats in in the morning.

Stick to the old phrase. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper.

Britain has fell into this habit of starving themselves during the day while they are most active, and then eating massive meals to feed the ten thousand spartans in the evening when they are likely to be sitting on their bums.
Bigdumps said:
Smoothies? god no!

Look at the label on a smoothie and see how many calories and grams of sugar therein.
I had a look at the label... it says "Kenwood Chef"... nothing about calories or sugar.

I reccomend you buy a book with smoothies in (not sure where mine is now) but I managed to get one with a star rating for things like detox, digestion etc. And I also measured by "five a day" value.

I found 8 or 9 smoothie recipes that were "acceptable" to lovely, and that provided about 4 of my daily fruit and veg requirements.

Failing that blend a melon and seeds... mmm lovely.
Everyone is different.I lost lots of weigh by eating a good breakfast,everything from toast and museli to fry up/no carbs.Then did LSD,which is Long,Slow,Distance on a Bike,after letting your food settle.IMPORTANT or you will feel sick.I alternated between light gym work with this,on alternate days.lost so much that Doctor though I was seriously ill.Losing weigh too fast is dangerous,LSD works really safely as your body gets used to it.When you have trained rice is good to replenish energy.Good luck,but you have to find what works for you.
Without trying to take the p155 try the Slimming World diet. You can eat stuff on there that you wouldn't expect (such as bacon, just cut the fat off). My missus has lost nearly 1/2 a stone in 3 weeks and she hasn't skipped any meals and had monster session on the lash for my summer ball.
Lick toilet seats and never wash your hands before meals or just get AIDS. :twisted:

The smaller meals more often can work for some - there's loads of fads and stupid diets, just eat a balanced diet and crack more PT. Less carbs the later in the day it gets and drink plenty of water.

Swap your swimming for cycling or cycle to the pool.

Good luck.
Bigdumps said:
Smoothies? god no!

Look at the label on a smoothie and see how many calories and grams of sugar therein.
Nothing wrong with innocent smoothies. They have no added sugar. If you ate the quantity of fruits contained in a glass of innocent smoothie you would consume the same amount of sugars. So 5 pieces of fruit is no longer a good idea?
Eat the chicken they put out for the lunchtime salad in the WOs & Sgts Mess. You will be sh1ting through the eye of a needle in no time at all. A quick way to loose 6lbs in 2 days.
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