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A nice suprise and slighty embarrasing as it opened in full volume just as the OC walked in. :twisted:
doomandgloom said:
Wow! How low was that??
Lower than had been anticipated, I think. :D :D

doomandgloom said:
Any more One Tap?
Afraid that's all folks. :cry:

Found it on a DIY forum. Sound quality on the Spit Sound post is much better. Music to my deafened ears. We need a British 1940 equivalent of the 1812 Overture with a Spitfire Mk IX solo. Lloyd Webber, are you up to it? No, probably not.
My hobby is making architetural model buildings. However, call me mental but I decided a long time ago that I would buy a house with a very large front garden and build a life size 1:1 scale Supermarine Spitfire and plonk it on a stand for all to see.... I have the plans ....
Yesterday morning, I was mowing my lawn in Shorncliffe, when I thought that the mower was sounding rather too meaty. I turned it off, and immediately started searching the sky for a Merlin powered god... there he was, heading for a flypast of the Battle of Britain Memorial. Well, if I had a Spitfire, I'd be flying over there too. There are not many sounds that cut straight to your soul, but for me a Merlin's throaty roar always makes me feel like I'm a ten year old. made my day!
Reminds me of the time in '99 when I took my family to Wimpole Hall National Trust fro a day out. It was only up the road from Duxford. In the forecourt there were dozens of people and many people in the book shop and tea room. It was a bright sunny day. Suddenly this most amazing sound of power came from outside and skyward. People quickly moved outside to see what the noise was. High up was a Spitfire and an Avro Lancaster (yea Spit' x4!) passing over at low speed. Amazing sight, amazing sound. I can't imagine the sound of a Sqn of those Gods (well put earlier post) flying in anger....

Two years ago at RAF Aldergrove there was a Spitfire fly by. The Spit' then went to another location. A few hours later it returned as an unexpected treat. I knew at once the drone was a Merlin. I ran outside barefoot and there just above the houses parallel with the street was this most beautiful Spitfire. 200 feet at most. I saw the whole charabang! It looped a couple of times and flew off. I watched it 'till it was a small speck miles away. Annoying thing is an RAF Cpl was washing his car. I went over and said "Did you see that?" He just shrugged his shoulders, he didn't give a toss. Feckin' stupid anchor... gripped my shite....
Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. It's the sweetest sound made by a mechanical device on God's Green earth. Nothing else like it starts you tingling when you recognise the note. Nothing else like it has Military pilots at airshows craning to follow every manouvere.

Yes the Fast Jet jocks all know they're a bit special, but the Spitfire display Pilot knows HE is probably the most revered (and envied) individual there.

How can anyone not love Spitfires?
Ask the luftwaffe :D Saw one over the isle of wight yesterday people were craning over the side of the fery to catch a glimpse .
Playing tennis one sunny lunchtime last summer, again at RAF Aldergrove when a Spit' came low and parallel to the courts. It was most unexpected. Tennis rackets dropped to our sides as we watched on in awe.

The significance of the Battle of Britain cannot be measured in the beauty of the planes that flew and fought. It is just a mere coincidence that our saviour so happens to be the most beautiful machine made by man. There were many factors that got us through the 'darkest days', but none so romantic.
Some stunning low level flying here, while not the legendary Spitfire these Jags are in a class of their own...

Count the aircraft flying past and see if you can spot the last one.... 8O there are five......

More Jags from another means here how the ***k did he explain the car roof to the insurers???
Jets? Very nice I agree. IMHO compared to Spits' and Hurricanes it's like favouring Kylie Minogues' 'Do the Locomotion' to Elgar's 'Nimrod'...... :lol:
An old guy in his 80s I know worked at RAF Acklington just after the war as a re-fueler. Polish spitfire pilots used to come in inverted at (he says) 50ft. It must have been impressive as every time I visit him he tells me about it :roll:
Best view of the Lanc was many moons ago at the Monchengladbach Air Show, beautiful low pass, bomb doors open and turrets turned at the crowd. Never have i heard the roar of four merlins to such a complete gobsmacked silence, magic.
rockhoppercrab said:
Best view of the Lanc was many moons ago at the Monchengladbach Air Show, beautiful low pass, bomb doors open and turrets turned at the crowd. Never have i heard the roar of four merlins to such a complete gobsmacked silence, magic.
Damn I missed it! What year would that have been? I think even the locals would have appreciated such a sound and sight. Funny though, MG was heavily hit by Lancs' during the war. Read a book by Harry Yates, DFC 'Luck and a Lancaster'. He recalls one mission where a pilot flew back with the cockpit blown out, flying just above sea level where it was warmer at minimal speed. But still the cabin froze. When he landed his Avro the chap was rushed to hospital. He had frost bite and sadly his fingers were amputated - but he'd saved the lives of his 7 man crew. I think it was Yates himself who in a similar situation flew back during his 28th (of 30) missions with specs of cockpit fragment in his eyes, his buddy constantly wiping blood from his face. He had to endure several operations where he recieved NO anaesthetic, and had to have these specs painfully removed from his eyaballs while conscious. He was flying agin 7 weeks later and went on to complete his 30 missions.

IMHO respect, admiration and gratitude cannot be quantified.....
87 if i remember correctly, was indeed an awesome sight. Saw it again mid 90's after major servicing at St Athans, whole camp stopped work (as if any was done!) to watch it taxi and take off.
Got goose bumps listening to that...

It always felt back in the 70s as a kid I'd catch frequent sightings of a Spit being taken for a spin (lived near Shoreham Airport) and that deep burble sound would make your gonads tighten up... something womb-like about the sound... !


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