Losing Circulation to my Left Foot

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gremlin0790, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Ever since I went on a 3 mile run last Friday in boots and now every time I run, for some odd reason, I lose circulation to my left foot and only my left foot round about after 2.75 miles. I've been getting it in trainers and in boots, I run until my foot goes completely numb and then I have to stop and walk it off. Does anyone know why this might happen? I thought it might be because my boots are too tight, but I got it in trainers as well. Could it result from running on roads too much or from a bad running style?

    -Cheers, Gremlin
  2. get it checked,it could be intermittent claudication which needs treatment. As always go to the experts.
  3. I've had that problem for years - especially when I start phys again after a few weeks leave or going on exercise.

    Personally I find that if I replace my trainers every year and experiment with my laces tension the problem is alleviated.

    In addition as I get back into the swing of running and my fitness improves then my stride pattern gets a bit longer and the problem disappears.(the unfitter I am the shorter my strides become and the more pounding I do on the balls of my feet - I think!!!)
  4. It could well be anterior/posterior compartment syndrome if you are loosing circulation to your foot. Have you experienced pins and needles? Either way get to a specialist, if it is compartment syndrome it can be dangerous and almost always requries surgery.
  5. Ditto to seeing a specialist and having one of those ultra sound thingies to determine whether or not your circulation is being impeded. Depending on your age, you may try taking 75mg of aspirin a day, after meals, thins the blood and aids circulation. Good Luck.
  6. If you use Aspirin get the Enteric Coated ones. The ordinary type with wreck your stomach. Best go and see a doc.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I've been running quite a lot recently for the Commando Speed March, but I have a feeling it could be from short strides (especially when I'm in boots) and I'll fiddle around with the laces a bit. I wouldn;t be surprised if its also from high impact from the roads. I've got or OTC FTX this weekend so I don't think I'll be able to see a specialist in time for it. Sorry to sound like a uni student, but what do you mean by specialist?
  8. A medical specialist, rather than an Arrse consultant. The symptom is a worrying one and you really need to see a doctor. Don't be fobbed off with the "probably your boots too tight" line. Don't give him any opinion, let him investigate and carry out diagnostic process. GPs often are in a hurry and will, however wrong it is, accept an opinion in many cases - especially a logically supportable one.

    Finally, don't put it off.
  9. judging ONLY on what you've told us, it may be a vascular specialist, but GO TO YOUR GP, you'll need a referral from them as a first step anyway! And don't leave it too long!
  10. A physio, make sure its private so it dosn't go on medical record, unless you want to hinder your chances of getting in. But it is important you get it seen too, especially with it been a circularoty problem.
  11. Dont know the current system, but it used to work thus, see your GP, then ask for a referral to a cardiac chappie to have an ultra sound done on the leg/foot. Almost the same as an ultra sound used in pregnancy, you can actually see blood flow and pick up on any obstruction or not if youre clear. If you trust your GP be guided by him. Medicine is not an exact science but the science of elimination.
  12. I got this in both feet a week or so ago after 2 miles. I was wearing brand new trainers and I think I did them up too tight. I have bad circulation in feet and hands anyway but for you to get it in just one foot in a variety of shoes I wiould def get it checked out.

    Let us know how you get on
  13. Been there, leave seeing the Doc at your peril. A&E don't have much sympathy for those who ignore things until its too late :oops:
    That said the nurses love a man in uniform :D
  14. Nothing wrong with Consultants on here, we know what we're on about...
    Leaches man, that's what you need....Leaches!
  15. as someone who's being getting more worried by the second reading the scary medical referal posts - can anyone describe what type of surgery would actually take place if it is a vein problem - do they cut your foot open or just stick wires down your veins to clear the blockage!