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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. If ever you needed proof that in Britain, Success is punished and Failure is rewarded - Have a butchers at these two articles from yesterdays Daily Telegraph.

    Addicts who steal may escape jail

    Burglars and thieves could escape jail if they commit their crimes because of addiction to drink, drugs or gambling, under proposed sentencing guidelines.

    The recommendation is contained in a consultation on how judges should punish those convicted of thefts and burglaries.

    The document, from the Sentencing Guidelines Council, details how serious offences should be assessed and when judges should make allowances for mitigating circumstances.

    The guidelines say: "Many offenders convicted of acquisitive crimes are motivated by an addiction, often to drugs or gambling. This does not mitigate the seriousness of the offence but an offender's dependency may properly influence the type of sentence." Outraged? Read More...

    Buy-to-let investors face tax crackdown

    Middle class buy-to-let investors who are failing to declare their earnings from rent payments should end up with a criminal record under recommendations from senior MPs.

    A report from MPs said buy-to-let landlords were among a "high risk" group of people who evade their fair share of tax in the black economy and should face far tougher penalties.

    The Telegraph disclosed on Saturday how the Public Accounts Committee was concerned that professionals such as barristers and hospital consultants are among the two million people a year who are playing the black market to their advantage.

    A report from the committee, published today, said buy-to-let investors – often families who remortgage their homes to buy a smaller property as a rental investment – and bosses of online companies were also involved.

    The MPs recommended a campaign to crack down on [Read more...]

    Now that you've read both articles we can see that both sets of people are breaking the law, either against the Person or against the State. Obviously commiting a crime against the State is more of a crime than Robbing a hand bag from a pensioner and causing mild physical harm whilst doing it, just so that you can feed your already illegal drugs habit.

    Think it's time to pack up and leave.
  2. Another indication of modern Britain is the assumption that attempting tax evasion is apparently evidence of 'success'. Having the money to 'buy to let' is one thing; breaking the law, quite another.

    I think we agree on one thing: both criminals should have been punished, the junkie more so for the harm they caused. But "success is punished"? A step into Daily Hate territory, I'm afraid.
  3. People who have 'bought-to-let' may not all have been succesful, but my point is that they have got off there arrse and tried to make a go of things. Tried to plan for there future, tried to make investment nest egg for there retirement so as not to be a drain on the State.

    Whilst the same obviously can't be said of the filthy vermin that break into out houses, steal from shops and mug and stab people on the street to feed there wretched habits. But they just get a slapped wrist. whilst the former get a criminal record.

    Both have broken the law, but the full blow of the hammer comes down hardest on those that have tried to stand on there own two feet.
  4. But you emphasised the 'success' bit and not the 'crime' bit when referring to tax-evaders and the other way round about the junkies. I heartily dislike double-standards when it comes to dealing with people who have broken the law.

    Just as plenty of Council House dwellers never put a foot wrong in their lives, plenty of people who buy to let actually manage to declare their full income and don't attempt to get out of their liability. The ones who do have no excuse and none should be made for them. This namby-pambying 'oh, someone else is much worse so it can't really be a crime' attitude is behind so many of this country's social problems and I can only see a zero tolerance policy as being of any good. Would that we had one.

    Trying to score party political points over the contrast doesn't help, either. "Crime is crime is crime. It is not political, it is crime". Now where have I heard that before?
  5. Tax avoidance is a crime, as is mugging to feed a drugs habit.

    Why the double standards?

    The mugger gets a watered down sentance for what is a terrible crime, but the tax avoider gets whacked with a 100% fine plus pays there owed tax and gets a criminal record.


    Because the tax avoider's have an asset, which means that the crown can take it should they see fit.

    Why does the junkie get a watered down punishment?

    Because the State has failed to invest in prisons, and have wrapped the Police forces up in red-tape, and so a watered down punishment lets the government off the hook. Nothing to do with the signal that it sends out to every scum bag in the country, that now when caught will just say, 'It's to feed me habit Guv'

    When your house has been burgled by some wretched scum bag that neither the police or the justice system can do anything about, then you might see what I mean
  6. Can the MPs also crackdown on MPs who claim things that they really ought not to.
  7. It's happened. I know who did it and where they live, yet can't get them prosecuted. It's shit.

    I also know that my taxes are more than the should be in part because certain arrseholes think they should be exempt from paying what they should, just 'coz it's them. That's shit too, but at least you don't get national newspapers making excuses for scrotes. That's the job of social workers.
  8. It's all shite, the cnut that robbed me that still lives less than 100m down the road must laugh his fecking bollox off at me every day. And all the others on the road that he's burgled. Bullet proof the lot of them.

    If you're upset about paying to much tax, maybe you might like to ask your local MP why it is that the govn't raised £47billion in taxes from motorists last year, but has only spent £7.4 billion on the roads and infrastructure this year, the lowest level in all of Europe..!

    It's all bollox
  9. You cannot go around upsetting the none working thieving scum voters these are the ones who count when it comes to the erections and voters. Not you the person who has a job who gives taxes in any form deemed necessary and will always be perceived as unhappy regardless of what the government do for you.

    Give the dreg a tenner and he can drink or take drugs for a day
    Teach him other people who work hard and have money and he will rob you to feed his drink and drugs habit without effecting the government purse
  10. This is nothing new. More than 15 years ago some scrote nicked the contents of my garden shed, all my work tools, little girls new bike. You get the picture.

    Anyway Her Majesties finest actually manage to collar him, turns out he's got more previous than Ronnie Biggs. I have to take a day off work to attend court where, while in the waiting area I hear his own brief say to the prosecution that he can't see this guy not going down this time.

    What does he get? None custodial sentence because he's got a common law Mrs and a couple of ankle biters. He is also sentanced to reimburse me for the none recovered items at a fiver a week. Guess how much I saw????
  11. Too bloody right. Ah well, so long as you've got your health (pauses while leg falls off.)
  12. I dont agree with letting criminals off because of drug addiction but lets face it, its just proposed and they will never let it pass. As for those tax evading w@nkers, too right they should be cracking down on it. You pay your fair share of taxes and abide by the law 'nuff said. Its stealing, no other word for it.
  13. Sending the junky that robbed you to prison will do little to stop him doing it again, in fact it is likely to ensure that he will do it again. getting him onto a programme that will do something about his addiction may stop him offending again which would be good for both society and for him, and will consume less of your tax money than banging him up every year or so for the rest of his life.

    The person on the other hand who evades tax is no different to the person who burgles your house as a business, they had a choice to declare their earnings and chose to not do so. They have no reason to be unable to see the difference between right and wrong and deserve all they get. Not only that bunging them in the nick may actually disuade others from evading tax in the future where as bunging a junky in jail does nothing to discourage any other junky from commiting a crime, so it is not only unlikely to stop him offending again, it is equally unlikely to deter any other junky from committing crime either. Jailing junkies is bad value for money, stopping junkies from being junkies can be more cost effective.
  14. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal. Tax evasion is illegal.

    A drugs habit should not be seen as a mitigating circumstance to an assault; on the contrary, it should increase the sentence.
  15. He will not do it again at least until he gets back out. Try the program while he/she is locked up. Increase the sentence everytime they are caught (build more prisons). This will dissuade others.

    What reason does the druggy have to not see right from wrong?

    Stopping junkies from robbing is cost effective in my book.

    Just stop them from getting access to drugs in prisons, Uman rights act obviously has an issue with this.