'Lose the Lads' Mags

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blade-Runner, May 27, 2013.

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  1. 'Deeply harmful to women...' My arrse! If they are bumping their gums purely because they are on display, then to get round it, just have them in a non see through plastic sleeve. Job done! The mags are still on sale and pisses these feminist groups off even more as they'll still be in view.... Albeit no tits!!

    'Lads' mag' sellers could face legal action - ITV News
  2. Considering all these women in said magazines are pictured voluntarily, usually for a hefty fee, and are quite happy to do so as it's (usually) their job/career choice pretty much means the feminist organisation's argument is shot down a bit.

    They see it as 'objectifying women' and making them 'always available for sex', but in reality it's a load of blokes gawping at something extremely aesthetically pleasing that none of us will ever get to have anything to do with.

    Feminists piss me off.
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  3. I assume the girls who get paid to be in these magazines are not objecting?
  4. Sorry Ken.....great minds and all that!
  5. Do they ever other asking people before they come up with these opinions.

    I find their aggressive feminism deeply offensive and believe if I were to start a male group with equal ferocity it would be subject to objection. Therefore these group's very existence contravenes the very laws they try to use without correct regard.
  6. Maybe Zoo should have a 'Feminist' issue one month.... The front cover with a blonde in a frigid cardigan, ankle length skirt with a very regal look.
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  7. Go for it, Dingerr, we could call it "Ladsnet" ^^
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  8. I love the feminist idea that all women should have absolute control over every aspect of their lives, but only as long as they don't want to do anything that the feminists don't agree with.

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  9. All W.H Smiths(other newsagents available) should have a shuffle off bog for those not buying.
  10. This could open up a big 'jar of worms', but the dozy bitches would need to ask a man to open it.
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  11. I think Cosmopolitan and Hello and all those other daft bint magazines should be banned as they might expose me to wimmins crap which would be offensive to my eyes.
  12. I assume these same feminist loons would happily give up their seat on a crowded tube for a bloke. No? Thought not.
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  13. Lad's Mags? Do these ladies (oops!) not have an Internet connection? I hardly think these soft magazines compare with rubbernunbuggery.com et al.
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  14. Damn it, That means it will be harder to find copies of "Ugly carpet munchers"
  15. On 5live as I type. Outraged wimmin gobbing off about things that they've got nothing better to chunter about. The UK Feminista cow is getting more and more shrill as the discussion develops.

    She should STFU and get her melons out.
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