Lose muscle during training?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MR2D2, May 18, 2012.

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  1. So I've put on a bit of muscle and plan on putting on more up until I start phase 1/2. I'm just wondering if I will lose it all during training, with all the phys. Also before anyone says work on cardio, I do.
  2. I was 14 stone when I joined Royal Marines training and 9 months later I was under 12 stone. what outfit are you joining? If I had to do it all again id have dropped the weight training off the minute I walked through the careers office door. its extra weight you dont need during training. wait till you get to your unit/reg whatever to get yourself back into looking good in your sisters size t-shirts Id say. You will definately lose muscle mass in basic training.
  3. At risk of a wah, I'll say this:

    At home training for muscle mass I would assume you follow a carefully planned exercise program around several small meals a day with plenty of time to rest and recover afterwards.
    Once you get to basic, you will be given no say in when and where you eat your meals, which mainly comprise cookhouse food with frequently questionable nutritional value. You will have less sleep than you're used to and less relaxation time as well; the exercise that you do will be less concerned with building lean muscle than it will with general fitness-the army doesn't care how you look or how much you can bench press, just that you can carry out the tasks they set out for you.
    At the end of the day the phys and training you will get at basic is just that, basic. But it will ensure that you are built up to, and able to perform at, a certain level which the army has decided upon that will apply to all its soldiers. There's no reason you can't do basic carrying an extra stone or two of muscle on you, but as said above it's just extra weight to carry around with you. Just know what you're capable of and just crack on with passing basic before focussing on anything else.

    Wah shield off.
  4. Similarly, I joined the Parachute Regiment weighing just over 13 stone - my natural body weight. I looked like a Belsen inmate at the end of training. I soon got back to 13 stone and a bit after joining battalion.

    The only other time I lost so much weight and muscle mass was catching dysentry in the Himalaya and shitting blood for 2 weeks.
  5. I'm going paras. I used to weigh just over 10 stone I'm now 12 so I've put on quite a bit of weight and muscle since I first went into the recruiting office. Looks like ill be going back to being a skinny **** again then. Did you guys find it easy to put the muscle back on? Plenty of time for gym ect
  6. I started Phase 1 weighing just over 10 stone, I left phase 1 nearly 11 stone.

    It all depends on your body type, and what you're used to. I bulked up quite a lot.
  7. It must be said, I did basic a very long time ago. In the '90s they introduced 4 meals a day for PARA recruits in recognition of the fact that one could not take on enough energy from 3 meals. I don't know whether that is still the case, but it seemed to me a sensible move.

    Passing the training and doing well in Battalion will count more than your muscles, so concentrate on those first.
  8. When I was an instructor at ITC the crows use to get "HATS" high activity training supplement. Top of my head line regiments use to get 3 items such as milk shake, flap jacks and mars bats etc, guards/ paras get 4 items???? Was brilliant kids pack lunch boxes where never short!!
  9. Agreed. The emphasis is on PASSING Para Reg training (piece of piss..soz couldnt resist) then worrying about lumping up.
    Like the P coy lads Marine recruits get 4 meals a day, the last one being 9.00pm (whilst on camp obviously) but as also mentioned in another post above, it depends on your body type, some lads looked like catalogue models after basic, others like myself looked like Mr Burns. You say your naturally small so that is what you will revert to most likely.

    Will you put that muscle on assuming you make it as a Para and join your Battalion?? Depends entirely on your Battalions training schedge, Personally I went to Fleet Protection Group upon passing out, which means 5 week rotations in bunkers doing nothing but lectures and phys, I went up to 15 stone within my first two year draft. But im sure Oyibo would agree when I say that if the Paras is anything like the RM you will carry out ALOT of arduous training exercises and evolutions, once you pass out (mountain training, Tez EX, Ops etc etc) so dont get your hopes up. Just concentrate on being a first class soldier, and no-one will give a shit wether your built like Arnie or Annie
  10. IF you get through training you could be the new bantamweight ;-)