Lose a stone...IN A DAY!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by carlbcfc, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. I was weighed in my local AFCO....the result shocked me as it was way heavier than my digital scales at home. My scales say 94.4kg, AFCO scales say 101kg putting me at a BMI of just over 30.

    ...anyway i was told BMI not in range come back when you 95kg. I was advised to use the Boots BMI machine to keep a check.

    I went to Boots, weight 94.4kg...BMI 28.2... 183cm

    ....even done it twice just to be sure. They were the needle type scales, is it possible they were wrong?
  2. Yes they could be wrong. The AFCO/ACIO scales are used so often that they can loose their calibration.

    Tell the ACIO Staff what you say on here, they should check their equipment and give you a second chance.

    Which office was it?
  3. Right, i found myself 2 different Boots stores, one in my town and the city centre branch and done 3 seperate BMI tests that all say 94.4kg. I took them to the AFCO who then sorted the scales and weighed me again making me 94kg with a BMI of 26.6.

    Birmingham AFCO mate.
  4. yeah my AFCO weighed me in at a mere 51kgs, went to boots after and weighed myself in at 57kg, from what i can gather the AFCO just get you to jump on without setting them correctly, maybe i should get my AFCO advisor to re-weigh me.
  5. I would mate or they will wonder at selection why you put a stone on.
  6. good call!! thanks for that mate, ill have to get on to them, saying that if it is quiried ive got weight printouts for 2 weeks tracking my weight gain upto now.
  7. hi guys...

    just a word of warning with regards to boots scales..

    im in the middle of my application at the moment and im currently working in a boots pharmacy..

    when the scales show the message to be re-calibrated we just unplug them for a couple of hours and plug them back in.... the ones in my store currently show me as being 3 inches shorter than i actually am and about 2 stone heavier, they arent that accurate!

    so all im saying is dont rely on boots as an accurate guide
  8. 3 times, 2 stores, both exactly the same at the same weight as my home scales.
  9. Hey guys. The moral here is that if you want it hard enough, go get it. Well done for doing your 'research' and not giving up at he first hurdle. You will find lots of 'inconsitancies' whilst you transit through training. My advice to you is this. Dont become a Barrack Room Lawyer, but if you know 100% you are right, address it using the correct channels. Dont let anyone fcuk you oer, but at the same time dont shoot off the lip if there is no need.

    Well done and good luck.
  10. Haha my 5ft tall girlfriend weighs that much!
  11. Last thing I wanted to do was question it & find out im wrong and look a cnut, after all the main rule is keep it zipped. 3 scales + my home ones cant lie. They said as few people were turned away that day after me so hopefully they got the good news too.

    My local AFCO is open plan and there were 2 other lads sitting next to me when I was told to come back slimmer. I felt a right cnut but returned 5 hours later 1.5 stone better off.