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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Its been a while since I was last there and in the intervening period I have watched the shield a number of times on DVD.

    Question is LA really like that now? Should I borrow a ‘piece’ before I leave the LAX area?
  2. Anywhere in Inglewood area immediately to the NE of LAX and anywhere in the box surrounded by the 110, the 405, the 605 and the 105 freeway's should generally be avoided. Having had to pull off the freeway in those areas to fill up, I have always been glad to get back on the freeway. If the petrol pumps don't take ATM / Credit Cards you probably don't want to be hanging round the area. If you are going through an area where you cannot see petrol station signs from the freeway you absolutely do not want to pull off looking for one - of course none of this applies if you can morph between black and latino and know the correct gang hand jive / right bandana to wear to fit in.

    Downtown can be 'interesting' outside of normal business hours but with Bratton cracking down, most of the crime is begging and non-violent, violent crime is way down. I have lived in the westside area for several years now and never had a problem, most of the crime is gang on gang.
  3. [​IMG]

    I think Expat meant to say the 10 Freeway, not the 110.

    What he says makes sense otherwise, there's not much call for a tourist to go into those areas. Just don't let the fuel gauge go below a 1/4. There are one or two little enclaves of relative peace, which are all close to the freeways. Stay on the coastal side of the 405 and you won't have any trouble. (Although I wouldn't recommend LA as holiday destination unless you know people who know the spots to go to- they're spread about all over the place and not much is close to hand mo matter where you're staying.)

    I will add a couple more places to the list. East LA and Highland Park (North of Downtown where the 110 kicks to the NE) are like the set of Training Day (which actually had a couple of scenes shot in my 1st LA neighbourhood, Westlake/McArthur Park- long story). You're most likely to have your wallet nicked on the tourist trap that is Hollywood Blvd and, as recent reports will tell you Elmo, Chewbacca et al outside Grauman's Chinese Theater will probably try to forcibly extort some cash from you if you have your camera out. you'll also want to steer clear of another box East of Vermont Ave and West of Downtown, North of the 10 and South of Hollywood Blvd.

    Edit: If you're looking to break into porn, AJ, head for the San Fernando Valley (Northridge especially, but anywhere West of North Hollywood will do).
  4. Basically stay away from most of the blacks you meet in that side of LA.
  5. so I take it, nothing has improved since the last riot over Rodney King ? are we brewing up soon for another one ? as they seem to happen every generation
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    All good advice for tourist to LA! :numberone:

    I don't advise borrowing a 'piece' either, LAPD or LASD both take a dim view of people without a concealed weapons permit carrying a 'piece.' If caught with one you'll do time.

    They seldom issue concealed weapons permits to residents and never to tourists.

    As in any situation, awareness is very important! Do not act like a victim or you'll become one. :thumright:
  7. Stick to Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Venice, Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, and Manhattan Beach. Those areas are about as far from "The Shield" as you can get...the only crime taking place there involves lots of paper-shredding and nervous accountants carrying boxes of duplicated ledgers out to their cars. Or starlets shoplifting in Fred Segal's.

    I personally don't see the big deal in a lot of the areas mentioned ...but then again I was born there and I come with in-built protective camouflage. :D Probably best you follow Expat's and Crabtastic's boundaries!

    Oh, and echo that: stay away from Hollywood Boulevard. It's a suckhole.
  8. I have been to LA and thats just to see Hollywood, yep it is very tacky at least I have been there and saw the hall of fame with the handprints of famous people, I am returning in May staying in Las Vegas for 2 days and then see Disneyworld and Universal LA, I didn't have time when i went in September, I am planning to see more of the national parks in the South West US, my national parks pass has till sept 07 to go anyway so may as well use it to get my moneys worth.
  9. I hate LA. It's nothing but smog, gangs, and traffic jams. It's a horrible place that I avoid as much as possible.

  10. ...but the smog gives it such beautiful sunsets!

    SEMPER, mate, you gotta get away from the tourist tac, check out China Town, or my fav Little Tokyo or hit up a farmers market if you're around on the weekend and stuff yourself silly on all the home cooked Mexican grub you can handle. Venice Beach is always good for a laugh.
  11. Chinatown/Little Tokyo are ok for some quick scoff if you're in the neighbourhood. Not worth bothering with otherwise.

    Seriously, I've been here 6 years and although I'm having a bloody good laugh and filling my boots, it's the last place on earth I'd choose to spend my leave if I didn't know the place as well as I do.
  12. There's a shop in little Tokyo that has Manga (comics), and even some of the Hentai (cartoon porn), an interesting experience for anyone who'se never been to Japan.

    When I was there in Dec the Japanese American Museum had an Ancil Adams exhibit which I'd recommend. Chinatown would have been good this last weekend for the New Year, I was in London's.
    I'm sure there's a Karaoke bar knocking around somewhere... they love that shit!

    Go up the observatory, in the day you get unique look at the sun, at night stars, moon n shit.

    Love all the varied restaurants. Just about every country is represented somewhere... havent found an English 'zone' yet... my guess it's 'Little India'!
    Otherwise repeated Inn-n-Out is always mandetory for me!
  13. The British zone is called Santa Monica. :thumright: The Britannia, Ye Olde King's Head, The Cock and Bull etc. etc.- although the cnuts are currently charging $20 a head to let you in of a Saturday morning to watch the 6 Nations (The shop next to the King's Head is essential for its supply of Hob Nobs, McVities digestives and paxo stuffing- no expat should be expected to endure life without them.)

    In'n'Out will ruin you for life. You will start dry-heaving at the thought of McDonalds or Burger King after eating there.

    A bimble around Old Pasadena is a good way to kill an afternoon and is a cracking night on the lash too. totally different feel than LA.

    The Griffith Park Observatory is now, for some reason known only to God Almighty Himself, by reservation only. Fcuk knows why, but that's the way it goes. Don't know if you have to pay, but it's not fcuking worth it. If you want to see the city at night, head up the 405, past the Getty Center (well worth a gander during the day, beautiful gardens, a nice restaurant and excellent for impressing a Doris) and go along Mulholland Drive and through the Hollywood Hills. You eventually finish up in Hollywood, near Universal Studios and the 101 feeway.

    If you're taking a drive up the coast, drive up PCH, through Malibu and make a left on Paradise Cove Road. Have lunch at Bob Morris' Beach Cafe and mong around on their private beach afterwards.
  14. Try the Springbok in Van Nuys as an alternative to watch the Rugby - better selection of beer and if you have a large enough party and ask in advance he will put on re-runs of matches if you go in at lunchtime. The food is better there too.

    Catalina Island can be worth a half day / day out if the weather is good and you can get inland a bit. It's not a good place to be if the weather is crap.

    If you want to stretch your legs there are loads of trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, great views with a good selection of athletic women keeping in shape at the weekend. :thumright:
  15. Much love and many thanks to you all for the responses - in the British 'hood' (Santa Monica) is there a good high end hotel? I am only familiar with the W in Westwood, is that close?