Lorraine Kelly - Not bad on HIGNFY

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sangreal, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Lorraine Kelly hosted the show this evening and did a very good job I think.

    Does anyone else think she was inexplicably fit? :twisted:
  2. 10andout

    10andout Old-Salt

    Try Specsavers
  3. pompey

    pompey War Hero

    A great MILF....... lovely jubblies.
  4. Indeed! :p
  5. messiah

    messiah Swinger

  6. I must admit, as sad as it might seem, i remember a filming of a photo shoot for GMTV and she looked really great, am i just getting old.

  7. Sorry kids, as much as you may love her, she is a minger.

    Mr Snail and I agree on one thing at least.
  8. And you are a stunner then Dale? 8O
  9. Who cares?

    And you are?
  10. Imagine Mandy Dingle with peroxide hair, with all of the blubber sucked out of her with an industrial vacuum but none of the spare skin removed.

    Voila, you have Dale.
  11. Goku

    Goku Guest

    All firemen are stunners, it’s the BBQ skin and rubber that does it :D

  12. A stunner then.

  13. Awol

    Awol LE

    There's a Mr Snail?

  14. I am wounded. Ouch, ouch, the pain, the pain.

    I am easily 14 stone fatter. You are so harsh Flash!!!!! I will sleep peacefully tonight, knowing that you have lagged the bed.

    While you were thinking of me and beebs in a 3 some. You dirty dirty man.

    Sluggy is disgusted.
  15. Yep. He nicked my dog. Do you not read the posts? Duh

    The fecker. Kingo'd my dog. Thieving scousers. I wouldn't mind, but he is from Nottingham. I taught him too well.