Lorraine Kelly is Agony Aunt for the RAF

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JP47, Oct 11, 2009.

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    With fitness videos and parental-advice books already to her name, GMTV presenter Lorraine Kelly has now turned her attention to helping the RAF.

    The breakfast TV diva has volunteered to be the Air Force’s first Agony Aunt, and will give advice on everything from relationship problems at home to how to cope with the mental pressures that accompany operational duties.

    Lorraine’s advice will be published in the fortnightly RAF News, which says in its latest edition:

    ‘After more than a decade on the GMTV sofa, Lorraine has heard it all. Now she wants to hear your problems.’

    A spokesman for the £350,000-a-year presenter said:

    ‘There is no fee involved. Lorraine is delighted to help out. She supports the Forces wholeheartedly and does as much as she can in her spare time.’

    An RAF source said: ‘Lorraine offered to be our Agony Aunt for nothing and we are delighted to have her. We expect plenty of letters.’

    Dear Lorraine this tour is really getting to me but if you could just slip your knickers off and post them to me I would feel so much better :D

    I know she's doing it for the RAF but what advice would you like of the wise one

  2. At last, some sound advice on what to do when the nasty man shouts at you and which handbag goes with which shoes. The RAF have needed this for a while.
  3. That's so 80s, well before the days of assiduous pubic maintenance...I always wonder if the old guys get sentimental about out-of-control bush that looked like Gene Wilder's toupee.
  4. I miss the heady days of a bush that looks like Terry Waite's allotment.
  5. Another photo of her spread eagle on the bed. Arrse rules not sure if I can post a link.
  6. I'm sure that an exception to any rules can be allowed.
  7. Not working here :(
  8. But OK here :D
  9. Good Lord! What was she up to when they were taken? That doesn't look like the GMTV sofa!
  10. Might have made it more watchable if she had
  11. Good Lor'!! (Drops monocle into port in surprise) 8O

    Very definately working now!

    What a game girl, I shall look again at her when the young filly is next on the televisual box thing!! :D
  12. Yes we do ...
  13. Hear hear.