Lords Resistance Army and Uranium

A less than credible sorce, but

Suspected Lord’s Resistance army rebels attacked and plundered a uranium plant operated by French energy giant Areva in Bakouma in the Central African Republic, reports the Nouvel Observateur.
According to the Radio Ndeke Luka, Central African Armed Forces (FACA) were unable to contain the assailants, who were heavily armed and had taken them by surprise.
The rebels attacked the city of Bakouma, creating a panic. “It was a stampede”, says the radio’s local correspondent. No one knows yet if there are any victims.
Unconfirmed reports say the Areva director of operations for The Central African Republic, Jean-Francois Millian in Bakouma during the attack, as well as four other French employees.
Radio Ndeke Luka suspects that the rebels might be members of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who is active in the region. A multinational force headed by the African Union and advised by U.S. troops has been fighting the LRA for a year

LRA Rebels Hit Uranium Plant In CAR | Red Pepper Online: Uganda News, Gossip
Did they plunder Uranium?

Joseph Kony's LRA blamed for uranium plant attack

(AFP) – 4 days ago

BANGUI — Rebel leader Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) was responsible for an attack last weekend on a uranium plant in the Central African Republic, a military source said Tuesday.

"The Ugandan rebels of the LRA... were recognised by residents, many of whom fled to hide in the Catholic church or in the bush" during Sunday's attack on a plant operated by French nuclear giant Areva near a uranium mine in the country's south-east, the source said on condition of anonymity.

"After occupying the site, the rebels then looted the premises, carrying off portable computers, food -- notably bags of flour, boxes of sugar, etc.

"They also destroyed office computers before retreating Monday afternoon."

Areva has said the attack's sole objective appeared to be looting. There were no reports of injuries or stolen uranium -- though a villager was killed shortly before the attack began, according to a military source.
The Central African army has dispatched reinforcements to the town of Bakouma, where the attack occurred, another top military source told AFP.

On Monday the army said it had engaged in a "violent clash" with a group of unidentified armed men in Bakouma.

Military sources had initially blamed a different rebel group, the Popular Front for Recovery (FPR) from Chad, led by "General" Baba Ladde, for the attack.

The Central African Republic remains prey to numerous armed groups despite a 2008 peace process that led to accords with most of the rebel groups in the country.

With an estimated 32,000 tonnes of uranium reserves, the Bakouma site is a key mine for Areva, though it is dwarfed by the 180,000 tonnes at the company's giant Imouraren mine in Niger.

In September 2010, seven people employed by Areva and its subcontractor Satom -- including five French nationals -- were captured by Al-Qaeda's north African branch in Niger. Four of them are still being held.
Ho ho ho! Build up of forces in the area, then media reports he's messing with vital minerals? Oh dear.... You can see what's coming next can't you? (The dangerroom blog over at Wired has been running a good thing on US SF in the area looking to build up local capability). But if you're reading, Mr Kony. Be as bat-shit crazy with people's lives and killing and destroyong them as you like. Don't take on vital mineral interests, that's just stupid.

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