Lords defeat for ID cards scheme

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4616356.stm

    That , Minister , is the biggest load of cobblers I have read for some time.

    Now I appreciate I'm no Richard Branson , but how does that last sentence work? Surely an open explanation of costs, would enable competitive entities to quote in for the work or part thereof?

    Oh sorry, what was I thinking. Competition gets in the way of Knighthoods, Peerages and donations. :roll:
  2. If it wasn´t for the House of Lords,we´d have been carrying IDs in M.Thatchers Regime.Living in Germany I can tell you that they are useless for anything,except keeping the kids out of disco´s.

    Total waste of money,it would probably make more sense to have your picture on credit cards and cheques.

    I don´t think the House of Lords,were worried about the costs,they don´t want a police state either.Thank God,but how long will they be able to hold out?
  3. Completely agree - utter utter bollox: The whole idea and what was the minister said. What he's trying to avoid is the inevitable investigation into costs that would probably see it thrown back into the Commons where even Labour's backbenchers think its bollox too.

    The sooner the scrap the idea the better.
  4. PTP, i think what they are getting at is that if you get a quote from contractor A, you don't tell contractor B how much contractor A quoted you , as you know they will quote just below the original quote instead of offering you their best price.

    If they dont know how much you have already been quoted, they are more likely to keep prices as low as they can afford to, in order to get the job.

    Still a sh1te excuse from the govt!
  5. I think that it's a really great idea, and would complete the totall control idealism.

    1, CCTV, to monitor & tape your movement's.
    2, Mobile phone's, to locate your whereabout's when 1 looses sight of you.
    3, ID. card's, with a chip in them won't really make much of a diference, the chip can hold alsort's of info about the holder, blood group,prior conviction's, movement's, known associate's and thier criminal record's. the list is endless

    The ball is rolling, and we won't be able to stop it, it's only a matter of time before we get it, wanted or not, learn to live with it, it's the future.

    I also live in Bavaria, and the German system has a medical insurance card with a chip, it just amaze's me that they haven't got round to doing the same for thier ID. card's yet.

    The only pitfall is the price of the card's!!

    Would it make passport's obsolete?

  6. I am glad the teh House of Lords is exercising its role as a scrutinisor of legislation and delaying this bill until costs are known. It is currently an uncapped cost to the individual....R4 this am was mentioning the potential cost could be as high as £170 -£300 per person.....do you want to pay that?...because they are not free.

    Additionally I still do not believe Gov't in the future will not sell the info....so would like legislation to prevent this. Indeed I am not sure how gov't depts will use it...I doubt its only purpose will be to prevent fraud in the Social Security system nor do I think it will significantly prevent terrorism, unless we have to use it to swipe our location all of the time etc. The 7/11 chaps would have all had UK ID cards.

    Until I am sure that is is going to trully save money in the long run, will not be abused by commercial companies like insurers and that there is strong evidence it will significantly help to prevent terrorism. I am fundamentally opposed to the whole thing.
  7. thats 60+ Million people to track, Microsoft and who ever provides the servers for the Govt will love it.

    Thats fine, most times I forget to keep it charged

    Interesting to see if the information can be changed by nefarious elements in society (other than the police and Govt).

    It's scary how many times we've most prob heard "learn to live with it, it's the future" in the past to justify certain practices ;)

    Not if the Govt can get more cash out of us.
  8. 584 million pounds, per year. Jesus wept. They can't be that essential if we've managed to struggle through the last 2000 years without them.

    What's the bet that the real figure is double that. There's the money from FAS lads.
  9. Don't forget that the Government has allowed dodgy Car Park enforcers the right to request and receive details of Vehicle owners. After that infringement of our "protected data" , how could they ever be trusted with the kind of info they wish to incorporate into an ID Card. I am strongly against this initiative and would have to be prosecuted for failing to apply before I would ever put my hand in my pocket!
  10. As an oldie, I don't care who knows where I am, have been or what I am doing. Different back in the days but then I would have had the fun of keeping off the plot. At least we know the risks of having official ID; phone-tapping on the other hand.......
  11. Oh well....

    I didn't really expect any different.
    Anyway.... I shan't be having one. :D
  12. Problem is that you may find that you will have to have one.

    I am not suggesting for one minute that the Government will make a law saying you must carry one or anything :roll:

    If they are clever and sneaky (which they are) then they strenghten and enforce the laws already on the books plus adding a couple of small new ones for the protection of minors/the voters perhaps.

    Want to buy some cigarettes/alcohol? Show me your ID card please. Sorry but I am only allowed to accept the approved ID cards.

    Want to book a train/plane/holiday. Id card please

    Want to pay by cheque/credit/debit card? Id card please.

    And so on and so forth.

    You will probably end up getting one :x
  13. It's not the idea of an ID card that worries me so much as making me pay a fortune for it. If the government tell me to have one then they should pay for it (I know, I know - I'll pay for it in taxes, cuts in services etc). The figures being thrown around are ranging from £120 - £500 each. How often would they have to be replaced/renewed. Would I have to pay £500 each year for it?
  14. Umm... No.

    I shan't be having one. Full stop.

    I'll take the consequences.

    And in reply to those who don't mind them but do mind paying for them....

    Where do you think they're going to come from?

    Regardless of whether you get a bill to your door, or they pop a % or so on your tax bill... Nobody else will pay for the scheme but you. In more ways than one.