Lord West - Sticks his foot in it again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Labour apologises after peer insults 'bloody Denmark' - Telegraph

    He has yet again made a complete fool of himself in public. This time on Labours "Defence Procurement Review".

    Lord West, formerly First Sea Lord, said the UK was still a first-rate military power, ''not like bloody Denmark or Belgium''.

    His comments came as Labour delivered the findings of a 10-month review into defence procurement, aimed at getting better value for money from buying equipment for the UK's armed forces"

    I guess the Danes are not going to be too impressed!
  2. Just shows how out of touch some of these old farts are. He should be dumped somewhere with DANBAT for a stint in Afg (not Price though, too soft).
  3. And yet only a few weeks ago the head honcho RAF said that the UK's air force was now on a par with Belgium.
  4. Credit where credit's due, he could name two European countries.
  5. Johnny foreigner has always been a bit precious and chippy about remarks made by a superior nation. Years ago we would have ignored any criticism but these days we have become a nation of over-sensitive, pc grief whores. Once Johnny foreigner would emulate and copy the ways the Englishman, especially if coming to live in the UK. Now he just wants to blame us for his own shortcommings and inadequacy [typed thru' a melot fueled haze]
  6. Maybe you should research his career. Particularly his Falklands command. I'm sure he has much more form than some armchair posters here.
    His point (though poorly argued) is sound.
  7. How's the weather down in Pompey tonight?
  8. Nobody is questioning his Naval career, even though there was a question over a certain misplaced classified document, not his proudest hour I can say, however he became the Labour Party's mouthpiece on Defence/Security matters, and as Security Minister, was heard openly on Radio 4 to criticise the (Labour) government's stance on 42 day detention when 2 hours later (following a chat with Gordon no doubt) he suddenly changed his mind. Governments make u turns but rarely are U turns from ministers made within a couple of hours.

    Maybe politics is not his best field and maybe he should consider retiring from politics altogether. His title should become Baron West of Shithead.
  9. Without Googling, can anybody remember roughly when that was? In the back of my mind, the documents accidentally dropped on the towpath at Teddington and picked up, purely coincidentally, by a freelance hack from the Daily Wail, contained details of the so-called "Nott's Navy Cuts".
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    You think dropping that document was an accident?
  11. Sorry, forgot to put in the inverted commas!
  12. I'm prone to 'dropping' documents myself. I have some sympathy with His Lordship here.
  13. Given than this is in the CA forum and not the NAAFI, it is odd to see a few (certainly not all) posters on a supposedly military site so pig-ignorant of the Danish contribution on current and recent operations. Perhaps that explains the oh-so-*******-funny bacon references.
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  14. Denmark a country with a throat infection for a language and Belgium a country divided among themselves ethnicaly and stuffed with paedos, Lord West, an overindulged missplaced cove who should be cropping the grass he was put out to.

    Good Lord, is that the time, must dash.
  15. Those that have worked with the Danes would have expected more bacon references!!