Lord Strathclyde's affair with single mum

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Guido Fawkes view on the matter.

Shagger Strathclyde Seven-Year Affair With Old Flame

Lord Strathclyde is a legend at Tory party conferences, the Leader of the House of Lords throws a decent party and is famous for trying it on with the ladies. With more success than you might imagine…

Birgit Cunningham is older than some of Shagger Strathclyde’s previous conquests. The 48 year-old unmarried single-mother has sold a kiss ‘n tell to the Sunday Mirror revealing that she has been having a seven-year on-off affair with Shagger Strathclyde. This morning punters make him favourite to be the next exit from the cabinet…

UPDATE : Just spotted this Daily Mail profile of Birgit from March 2007 in which she reveals she dated Kevin Costner and William Shatner as well as saying “there are two options for public school girls who get pregnant by accident. The first is running home to Mummy and Daddy. I wasn’t going to do that. I couldn’t possibly live at home. The alternative is to find some rich old guy to rescue you. ’I have to admit I’ve met several. One proposed to me. I thought, do I have to do this for Jack? But I couldn’t. I want a toy boy.” She got a big toy-boy…


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Who cares? !


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I reckon this is about money.

Seven years is a rather a long time for her to work out that she resents being used for an occasional quick poke.
Fair play to the lad! He's as fat as old Harry (if I'm thinking of the right one?). She's clearly a cheap slutpig who's being given the Spanish Archer and is now trying to cash in on her whoring - 'whoops, I've been taking it up the hoop for seven years, oh woe is me, I feel so used, so cheap' - well Love, get this: you ****ing well are. The man, by the sounds of it, who needs hounding is our man Nuttall, if you ask me. He's the one who has behaved despicably.
Mere confirmation that most women are, at heart, whores. :)
It's traditional that most Tory scandals are about sex, in the same way as Labour scandals used to be about money. I think the presumption was that the Tories already had enough money, but you can never have enough sex...
It's to do with abuse of position. Why didn't Lard Strathclyde go out to a record-hop or one of those disco things to pull? No, he got his paws onto/into a vulnerable young (almost) virgin who came seeking help and consideration. And like all his aristocratic ilk, he placed demands upon her that she grants him her (almost fresh) flower for any assistance.

Come the revolution...
I reckon this is about money.

Seven years is a rather a long time for her to work out that she resents being used for an occasional quick poke.
Of course it is, nothing to do with shagging a top Lord who can 'possibly' make influential changes to a Unfit for purpose Government CSA agency to bleed fathers even further,

Sevens years: not bad, I'm surprised the OAP managed to last 'that' long...
2 consenting adults, having a bit of fun where's the scandal.
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