Lord Moonie: cash for laws, cash for defence questions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Oh dear. Another Labour scandal. Here is the gist of the allegations:

    Already under investigation for Cash for Laws.

    Paid £30,000 to act as a consultant to Northrop Grumman.

    Ennobled in 2005 but did not ask any parliamentary questions in his first three years as a peer. But since mid-2008 he has asked 46, all on defence issues: 23 relate to defence work connected to Northrop Grumman. These include the F35 joint strike fighter, Eurofighter, A400M, the Type 45 destroyer programme, Sentry AWACS and UAV's.


    Oh and it gets much better:

    Moonie stepped down as an MP following boundary changes to make way for Gordon Brown and was enobled as a quid pro quo. Moonie also paid Gordon Brown handsomely for his old Kennington flat which he then sub-let to Alistair Darling. We are clearly not dealing with an obscure outsider here, we are dealing with corruption right at the heart of Labour's Scottish Raj. Will Gordon Brown allow a corruptian investigation into someone so intimately connected to him?

  2. Oink Oink!no questions in 2005, 2006, or 2007 but in 2008 many. This incidentally is the man who would have been responsible for allowing the Nimrod and Hercules fuel tanks to be fireproofed when he was defence minister. Its funny how he suddenly took up an interest in aircraft when he became paid for his interest.
  3. Utterly sickening. Decisions relating to the failure to fit ESF and the slippage of the MR2 replacement (if it will ever enter service!) occured on Moonie's watch (also, the Nimrod lack of modern fire suppressants and ageing parts) . He couldn't even find the time after the incidents to ask any questions relating to aircraft safety. However, he did see fit to ask a shedload of questions at the prompting of his paymasters.

    I hope this filth goes down.
  4. I was in the Mid East, when Nue Labour got voted in back in 97.
    We had limited TV zero internet and two day old newspapers.
    But I still remember seeing Harriet Harman coming on a BBC interview and going on about the Tory Sleaze that she said had had the voters through out their party.
    What was Tory sleaze "
    Two members, MP's, who took cash for questions a few hundred quid each and a former minister who had been jailed for perjury when out of office.
    By Ariret's judgment Labour is now dead, gone and finished.
  5. Was this the mong, that "ordered" gulf war syndrome NOT to exist ?
  6. In a wonderfully ironic twist, it appears Moonie is employed by AEA Technologies (since April 2004) and sits on their "Nomination and REMUNERATION Committee. It is not clear if this committee sets the level of HIS remuneration.

    AEA Technologies is, of course, the parent company of the company who completely screwed up BOWMAN batteries and chargers, leading to a complete recall of one type of battery a few years ago (for the HF radio). See the BOWMAN thread under "Infantry". This has cost tens of millions in waste, but more importantly led to troops being without power, and hence comms in a rather mountainous region where, lacking SATCOM, HF is the comms of choice ........ Do I need to go further? I have always wondered why MoD persisted with and protected this supplier, when others had far better products at half the price. Is there a link?

    It is also reported Moonie is a paid Director of Americium Developments. Now that 3 staff have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the NHS on IT contracts, I wonder if his Lordship will be resigning? Perhaps he'll be promoted!

    You couldn't make this up.
  7. Gosh don't we love the integrity of our leaders, pigs and troughs spring to mind.
  8. Time to introduce capital punishment for corruption in public office.
    Filthy corrupt scum should be made to pay for their actions.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    This is outrageous. The previous Labour Peers indiscretions were poor form at the very best. This is industrial lobbying to the point of illegality.


    I really want to hear what defence there is for this one.
  10. I shouldn't think there is one.
    Even Ashie admitted Blair was dishonest about his involvement in the Formula1/ Tobacco advertising/ million quid for the Labour Party incedent.

    ALL of the senior leeches in the Labour Party have been open to bribery right from the start. Blair was a master at it. They aren't even embarrased about it FFS. They just claim the law wasn't broken and carry on regardless.
  11. My, my wonder who that "link" might be.......

    "Tom Finn, a former president of CombineMed who resigned after raising concerns about the firm’s relationship with Americium, said the Edinburgh company had also boasted of its links to government.

    One of the representatives was constantly talking about his connections with the UK government. He was selling everything from the connections with Gordon Brown to his intimate knowledge of the procurement selection process within the NHS,” he said.

    Another former employee, Sean Martyn, who was a project manager with CombineMed, a commercial offshoot of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC), said normal procedures were disregarded to ensure his firm won NHS work.

    Martyn believed Americium’s supposed links to the Labour government was “the biggest reason” why CombineMed linked up with them."

  12. Agreed Gravelbelly, but many of us thought it was merely because of the money the Scottish Office ploughed into the Thurso plant - and in all likelihood the "political imperative" filtering down to the procurers and the users being "advised" not to complain (both common practice).

    The fact Moonie was a paid director at a time the company were being actively protected by the MoD (through being continually awarded lucrative, over-priced contracts despite their track record) adds a new dimension; does it not?