Lord Mayors parade time soon?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by granite20, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. In light of the recent TA sign off....
    I imagine the LMP this year will have a few empty slots as no military truck will bother turning up??

    ..more slots for 'random clubs' from the ghetto's to show the world the home made kites or something like that?!!

    rememberance day is a separate matter and money must never come into it ...but a long boring day on a float??!

    Any unit playing?
  2. g20 ignore the troll

    ARRSE answer - Yes/Maybe
    Facebook answer - No
  3. Debatable whether LMP is under "ceremonial" or "community engagement" but either way it is C1 training with no T&S.
  4. To expand slightly on my answer. People who are on Facebook and Arrse are sometimes the same but certain demographics appear to be dominating the two seperate sites.

    I might (and it wouldn't make a change would it) be wrong, but the TA management 'glue' has gone into union mode and is not on this site. Well not entirely absent but you need to be looking for it. In their mind LMP would be off, so you may have the chiefs and some injuns but nowt inbetween.
  5. T&S?
  6. What's the biggie? My school band had to march in it, and we had to sell programmes for it. It was toss.
  7. and facebook doesn't have people hiding behind usernames
  8. How feckin boring are these TA threads getting now and before you start i was in the TA but even i can see why people are slagging you down you just keep starting shit threads we ve heard it now for f*cks sake LMP :roll: i ask you who cares about that :x
  9. Simple,don't do it.The general public prob dont know anything about the cuts/training suspension.So to not turn out for lord mayors show may bring it into public eye.
    As for remembrance,will be doing it but in civvies with old and bold. :x
  10. I expect many of the units participating in the show will be pulled so there will be gaps in the parade. I expect the program is already printed so the absentees will be noted by the public (and the media).

    The Show is the largest unrehearsed ceremonial event of its kind in the world and cannot take place without the Marshals, about 120 of them, all of whom are reservists. The RNR, RMR and RAuxAF provide about 25%, the balance come from the TA. I spoke to one of them this evening. He's still going to turn up (unpaid) and thinks most of his comrades will do likewise. COS Londist will order regular Officers to fill any gaps.
  11. Hardly on the ME, is it? Not very KAPE, not heavily televised, not frightfully interesting. It may have been a good excuse for a pi55 up but as for pushing the alarm bell because the order of march looks a bit thin, boo hoo.
  12. Well, is this an indicator of the reservist's resilience in face of adversity?

    Every single one of the Parade Marshals has agreed to turn up on the Lord Mayor's Parade, even though it has been declared C1 training (although as we know, a 2* has to sign off on T&S, so not much chance of that).

    It appears that a number of Marshals have been doing it on a C1 basis for some time!

    So no requirement for any Regular backfilling of reservist posts :) Not often we get to say that!.
  13. Anyone else been told their usual remembrance parade is 'for regulars only?'
  14. No - and I wonder if the Bde Comd knows ?

    Where has that bit of unpleasantness come from ? The bowels of South Queensferry or the Castle ?
  15. Getting a bit fed up with all the bollix about 'I will do it regardless' / 'I will do it in civvies just to prove a point' / 'I will not do it just to prove a point'

    RBL (for example) do not get paid, don't worry about C1 or whatever, they just polish their kit and get on with it.

    Could you perhaps learn something from this?

    And before you jump back at me I know that the LM's Show is different (but in your context not very different) to Remembrance Sunday but does the same principle not apply?

    FFS make your mind up what you want to do, do it, and stop bleating about it.