Lord Mayoring it .


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Just an observation from a meeting today .

When I was in the mob ( sapper) fuck was a word used at every opportunity as were the whole pantheon of good ole Anglo Saxon words . Even in the Yogi bar one could put the world and all its wrongs right with a liberal splashing of effing and jeffing.

However once a female of the species came in the word went out in sotto fashion stop fucking swearing there's cunt about.
After this it was worth a clump around the head if you swore within range of said female , usually a pads wife and occasionaly he's mother and or sister . .

This stayed with me into civy life until the present day . Today at a meeting an Ex Royal Anglian effed after eveyt other word when addressing a mixed audience, is the Infantry or is it me ..

I stand by for correction troops .
not just you sir!
to this day I am uncomfortable with effing and blinding in mixed company,....but sadly today a lot of women are the main offenders.
buts since this is the naafi ...fuck-um.


Time and place for some things.
I still won't swear in front of my parents or certain company.
But if the female company I'm with swears then it's fair game I say.

Edit - Forgot this is the NAAFI Cunt Bollocks twat wank tits flange cock!


I asked a women why she swore so much, she said "it keeps slipping out".
Remind me, what was the name of the bloke who wrote all those sea side postcards? You know who I mean, the one you borrowed that rib tickler from.


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we used to say : Stop fucking swearing there's cunt about . The reply was , Sorry madame I thought you had fucked orf .

But I still feel guilty if i swear in front of a lady.
I use 'fuck' as a sort of piece punctuation more than a word, but I'm a Jock so that's fucking expected. Most nouns are preceded by 'fuckin'' it truly is a versatile word. 'Shitefuckcunt' is another good one, often used to express frustration or mild irritation. I'll say 'fuck' in most sentences throughout the day and if I don't then the sentence will almost always have 'cunt' in it.

I change dramatically when around the fairer side of the species, and only swear if I'm angry or for comical effect. If the lass I'm around swears like a trooper I'll still tone it down.

Its the same sort of thinking that you do when talking in different groups. You don't recall your stories of drinking 2 bottles of sambucca, getting in a scrap with 3 Yanks, walking 14 miles home through fuck-knows what, destroying the house, shagging that fat bird from Redcar, then scaring her off by shitting the bed to nice ladies from the WI.

Around muckers its perfectly normal conversation to say 'Here, Dave you lazy cunt, give us a hand with the fuckin' box, its heavy as fuck, stupid cuntin' place to put a box anyway.'
we used to say : Stop fucking swearing there's cunt about . The reply was , Sorry madame I thought you had fucked orf .

But I still feel guilty if i swear in front of a lady.
When I encounter the general public at large, I know for certain that few of them are ladies. Women yes, but not ladies.

I hardly swear anyway. I don't need to because I can string together sufficient words that I don't need to. However, there are some people that can't be communicated with in any other way, so things like; "oi, I just fucking well said that, you deaf cunt!" can't be completely dispensed with. And as for kids around here, being polite is like speaking a foriegn langueage and causes them much confusion. Saying, "Just piss off!" instead is something they understand and can readily relate to. The only thing that offends them into a shocked pause is calling them Bastards, just goes to show how times change as that one was completely routine. Phrases like, "stupid, little kunt" don't bother them or "disgusting little piece of filth" either (except that one annoys the parents a bit). So I tend not to use those as it's hardly worth it, so I stick to "noisey little barstards!" mostly.

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