Lord Mandy dispenses largesse!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Sweet Pete Man-up-the-bum has graciously allowed us another day off!

    Whilst I think the idea is a good one - why the hell has it got to be this oily queer little twerp who makes the announcement?


  2. Oh Gawd, there's going to be a medal. Plenty of time to prepare the excuses for why one should have got one despite not meeting the criteria.
  3. My bold - he's hoping to be the Queen by then?
  4. So, just before announcing the date for a General Election they give us an extra holiday do they?
  5. Cutting it fine.

    From wikipedia;
    The next United Kingdom general election is due to take place on or before Thursday 3 June 2010, barring exceptional circumstances.
  6. Electoral Commission says:

    I notice they are shifting the late May date too
  7. Still,it's a day off. Huzzah!
  8. "Special commemorative medals are be issued to mark the anniversary, with recipients likely to be those who have shown "tremendous service" to the country."

    Guess we'll not see them then, limited to those in government no doubt.
  9. Yes but they are creating a bit of feel good factor and those voting will know they have an extra holiday coming up. Wont make any difference to me but I'm willing to bet it'll swing a few votes Labour's way. That's why an election after a good World Cup run will return the incumbent party, because of the feel good factor.
  10. Just so I am clear - you are grateful for the holiday, and agree with the idea, but you are upset that a gay man delivered the news because you hate puffs?

    What's the view like from your closet?
  11. I think they prefer it spelt as "poofs"

    Just so they don't get confused with the sugar coated breakfast cereal.
  12. Good grief, Rickenbacker. The man is a dishonest chancer who presumably had some interesting photos of Blair and Brown, which have ensured his rise to the nobility. His sexual tendancies are irrelevant.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think it is shocking that the Government is giving the Nation a holiday when the country is in such a state.

    My feelings on this are not influenced by the fact I have now retired and Bank Holidays mean nowt to me.
  14. I might be walking into Wahistan, but have you noticed that the holiday is in 2012?
  15. Bugger! Even worse then. He's effectively stopped the next Tory Government from making any political capitol from giving us all a holiday!
    How on earth did I not notice that in 2010 she'll only have been on the throne 58 years, sprog!