Lord Mandelsperson demands Ashcroft inquiry..!!!

Lord Mandelperson… demands inquiry into my Lord Ashcroft’s’ alleged dodgy dealing with the Tory Party and his tax status. Oh fiddly, dearie Moi. Mr Mandelperson should learn to keep his fat yap shut and his head down. After all, did he not resign twice from High Office? Both occasions over ‘Dosh and Dodgy’ dealings, so it has been alleged.

‘Pot… Kettle…Black…. Pot…Kettle…Black’… methinks my Lord Peter doth protest too much. :p

"What I find amazing - and fairly disgusting - is that a shady character like Ashcroft was ever considered for a peerage at all". Bleats one Liarbore supporter on the ‘Guardians’ CIF (Comments are Free) website….. :cry:

Mr Mandelperson should zip-it, because he might just bring to life all the other Skeletons in Liabrore’s Collective Sleaze Cupboard. After all, there are still questions around the Dear Leader One-eye McRuin’s alleged ‘Secret Slush Fund’ to oust the sainted Teflon of B’Liar when he signed-ff as prime Mentalist to allow McDoom his turn in Number Ten.
Lets hope there many, many more scandals for Pa broone and pals to slip and slide on in the next weeks.

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