Lord Mandelson attacks Barclays head

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Oh dear!

    New Labour's unofficial leader throws his teddy out of the cot with a good old bit of traditional socialist wage packet envy!!!

    Is this the best he can come up with to rouse the rabble of traditional New Labour support that is flooding towards the BNP?
  2. It might be a bit of he has more money than me, but don't worry Mandy your pal Tony has much much more, after all he is true to his socialist core!
  3. I wonder if Lord Peter had a dsicrete approach to Barclays to become their roving Ambassador when Labour lose the election politely but firmly rejected . A new career in the Banking World would now seem to be out of the question for him now .
  4. Didn't Barclays get away without needing a bail out... I suggest Mandy vents his spleen on those bankers paying themselves bonuses in failed banks that we bailed out.
  5. This would be Gaylord Mandlebum who spends his time cruising on Russian Billionaire Oligarchs yachts?
  6. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    What,no donation from Barclays for Labour,or any brown envelopes for Mandy?.
  7. Mandelson and his friends do seem to be lashing out rather indiscriminatingly at the moment.

    A bit of a panic?

  8. Mandelson and his 2 i/c, G Brown, don't do detail.
  9. They do appear to be lashing out, nasty Private sector.
  10. Correct - unlike RBS, Northern Rock and HBOS. Which are all failed businesses. Mandy doesn't like to be told the truth by the Gaffers of companies which haven't failed - that increasing NI payments will cost jobs. As an employer I can assure you this is true.
  11. The noble twunt needs to ind who he dishes bollockings out to, he may find himself whining at their doors for a job in a few weeks.
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Barclays nimbly sidestepped the Marxist heffalump trap and Mandelbum is sore about that. How Barclays run their business is no business of any politician as long as the company stays within the law.

    Also, continuing sniping at bankers' money is intended to stop the public coming back to MPs' racketerring and the Blairs shameless grafting.
  13. Absolutely agree, but that only applies to the private sector.

    It is unlikely to occur in the state sector because departments reduce the employee head count and then employ more consultants. So what is saved on the one hand is spent on the other.
  14. I want to know how many giant global companies Mandelson has run?

    He is a sh1t-stained disgrace and the best reason ever for the abolishment of the House of What Were Lords.

    Another little skirmish in the fatuous and seventies' style Class War - pathetic, truly pathetic.

    Attacking a man who generates huge wealty for the country whilst ignoring the facile and quasi-criminal twerps like Applegarth of 'Northern on the Rocks' and the clown former chairman of Lloyd's TSB, just sums up this failed and inept administration's disconnection from the financial world in particular and the real world in general.

    Where is Mandelson's puppet the ogre like oaf Brown? Anyone heard about him recently?

    Please note the failed 'mammaries up' banks are all from the sewer of Labour's vote base:

    Royal Bank of Scotland; Halifax Bank of Scotland; Northern Rock; Bradford and Bingley.
  15. I wish I could attack Mandelsons head with a spade.