Lord Malloch-Brown admits to Afghanistan helicopter Shortage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Minister Lord Malloch-Brown admits to Afghanistan helicopter shortage

    Lord Malloch-Brown has become the first senior government minister to admit that British troops need more helicopters in Afghanistan.

    By Andrew Porter and Mary Riddell
    Published: 9:50PM BST 21 Jul 2009

    Lord Malloch-Brown conceded that the Prime Minister's future looked 'bleak' Photo: Geoff Pugh
    In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Foreign Office minister also called into question Gordon Brown’s insistence that the war was being fought to stop Afghan terrorists carrying out attacks on Britain. He claimed that Pakistan and Somalia presented a greater threat.
    Lord Malloch-Brown – who is leaving the Government at the end of this week – also admitted that the public were not warned sufficiently about Britain and the US going on the offensive in Helmand before the recent rise in casualties.
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  2. How many more wheels can fall off before Mr Brown gets the message?

    Aided by this helpful "gentleman".
  3. I rather suspect all of them plus the spare tyre and the get me to the end of the parliament kit. Its all about money for those who reach the end of term.