Lord Lucan's watch found in South African township

Lord Lucan's watch found in S African township :

Lord Lucan: Timepiece found in South Africa could hold clue to what happened | Mail Online

Is this proof that he did get away and settled in Botswana , or merely a deception ploy to divert attention in that direction ? Interesting that the watch is found shortly after the TV programme claiming the kids used to fly out to be seen by him there was aired by the BBC.

I wonder if he has been in the UK all along , or possibly nearby , like Paris or the South of France ?
Doesn't prove anything really. John Stonehouse went swimming in Miami & they found him Australia.


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Doesn't surprise me in the least. A snide Patek Philippe is just what one would expect the denizens of the Clermont Club to buy a chap. Somebody would have trousered the rest of the whip-round. Ghastly riff-raff.


Hey guys,

I am trying to get in touch with a Saffa serving in British Mil, saw on the threads that there are indeed a few out there.

If you know a Saffa serving, what would it take to get in touch with him / her ?

Please guys, response will be highly appreciated..
Why do you feel the need to post the same thing repeatedly on different topics instead of starting your own topic? You're beginning to look like a serial spammer!



Shergar, Lucan, Presley and Boudicca are alive and well and living in a tent on Brent Knoll, enjoying a menage a quat..quart...2+2
They're good at finding stuff in SA; they've found Churchill's Mauser at least 50 times since he mislaid it in the Boer War. Which is odd, since his train driver had kept hold of it and returned it.

Celebrity Aristocrats; dropping monogrammed bling all over South Africa since 1900.

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