Lord-Lieutentants Certificate

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Merlin745, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. What does this mean (I've just tried googling to found out)?

    Is it an award/honour that really indicates good service and conduct. I've been told its a honour just below ?BE.

    Does it allow you to put letters after your name?
  2. It is an award for perservering with the TA, other Reserve Forces or Cadet Forces. Doesn't necessarily mean good conduct or service - normally based on length of service and just keeping out of trouble. A bit like the VRSM but you don't have to wait 10 years.
    Doesn't entitle you to put any letters after your name. You get a nice framed certificate, shake the LL's hand and there's usually a free buffet and booze afterwards (wa hey!)
  3. Normally a soldier from each TA unit, army / navy / crab air / ACF / baby crabs / baby skimmers etc get one each year in our area. Pic in paper if you are lucky. Buffet is thrown in.

    If you get one, well done, undetected crime eh !!
  4. I gather they look a bit like this..

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  5. Tried to explain it to me mum last night and she replied with 'I need to get a dress to see you get a certificate' :lol:
  6. That's correct. Dress for you is optional.
  7. Sorted, have just bought a large hat and flowery dress.
  8. BB how you got one and I didn't has remained a mystery to me, perhaps I said something controversial sometime the PSAO talks bo**ox, SPSI is a lazy git and the CSM at the time was ............
  9. but when he accepted his certificate he was dressed in the ceremonial F Coy uniform of sliced ham and clothespegs.
  10. Nice avatar, V-K...
  11. who dya nick that certificate off bb i saw one on the gents wall the other drill night just before u left ????
  12. Pure coincidence old boy....
  13. you might want to delete the london regiment bit lol
  14. and sending messages from beyond the grave - good skills! :wink:

    (postumous VC)

    and dropping the London's bit - thought you never really joined them - more like a posting! 8)

  15. Unless you are in the RMR of course