lord lieutenants commendation

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by soponesfi, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. a mate of mine has the above certificate, what does it represent?
    does it hold any standing etc does it open doors, worth putting on c.v etc
    any info would be appreciated as he just thinks its another certificate to put in the cupboard
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I got something similar, it depends on what it was awarded for ie see citation. My understanding is that it is fairly high on the list of civil commendations.

    edit to add a link to a thread i posted when i got mine.

  3. fookin ell, just below an mbe, an replaced the bem, il tell him he'il be chuffed/ gutted.
    so it must be worth putting on his cv, thats if civis know what it is
  4. I think it also depended on which County your Lord Lieutenant represented. I served in 6/7 QUEEN'S and there always seemed to be a lad from BHQ at Horsham or C Coy at Crawley and Haywards Heath (Sussex) being presented with one - in one or two cases years before their TEM. I served 20+ years at B Company in North London and only remember four LLC's ever being presented - and each bloke had done 25+ years - in one case 35 years. This inconsistency always annoyed me.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I would agree with that. Mine came from a specific incident, not enough to warrant a medal, but the OC wanted to say well done. All four of us got written up for one. The two of us from the same Coy back home (incidentally where the tour OC was based) got one, but the other two did not, it seems their respective OC's sat on it.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Were they from the same County though? If not, perhaps the two respective Lords Lieutenant (or their staff) viewed the same citations differently.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    No one outside of the TA will know what you are on about.

    No point mentioning on your CV.

    However, that does not detract from what you did to earn it.

  8. Why would nobody outside of the TA know what they are on about? Lord Lietenant positions are not solely military. They have a big rols to play in civic duties, leading the local Magistrates / Justices of the Peace etc. I suppose it depends what kind of job you are going for as to whether the employer would know about it. However... if they don't they are sure to ask you, at which point you have a great opportunity to explain what it isall about. It would be daft not to mention this achievement on a CV if you thought it was relevant to the position/company you are applying for.
  9. So the interviewer asks 'Whats this Lord Lieutenants Certificate'

    Interviewee: 'Its for outstanding voluntary service'

    Employee then continues with interview


    Well done to your mate, its one of the good things SABRE has added to. My employer earned points with the MOD when I got mine and so did the MOD, a two way street like it should be.
  10. I think the QVRM took the place of the BEM. Chrisg, awards can be blocked or derailed for many reasons and by many people; don't imagine that any of them are dead certs until they're approved.
  11. OK. I have some insight into this. If Lord Lieutenant's Certificates are not being issued fairly that is more likely down to the unit or company not putting people up for the award, rather than any failings on the part of the Lord Lieutenant's office.

    As to whether it is worth mentioning in a CV, people are encouraged to mention their leisure interests, do they play chess etc, so yes, I would personally mention it if I had been awarded this prestigious certificate and if that meant nothing to the employer, nothing is lost.
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Fair point, although it is over a year since the actual award ceremony. The Duke may have a point regarding the respective LL's having a different pov i suppose, i always felt it kind of border line...
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I made no mentions of failings, merely different POVs. If one county has received many more citations than its neighbouring one, then there is a real chance of a citation appearing further down the pecking order (particularly if the citations are poorly written).

    Thus the same citation to 2 counties could easily result in one gaining a commendation and the other not.
  14. I do feel that the London LLC has somewhat more cachet...