Lord Lichfield passes

RIP Patrick.
PartTimePongo said:
RIP Patrick.
Was he a mate of yours?

RIP, Sir.

Heard a report on Today this morning that he'd had a massive stroke. Thank heavens he 'went' so quickly afterwards, and didn't have to suffer a lingering and degrading decline. Very sad news.
No but he photographed my mother. So she's lost her husband and a friend from the Sixties in the space of a week.

Ironically, to exactly the same thing.
RIP my Lord of Lichfield - I hope the smug cow from the National Trust who was complaining about the private appartments at Shugborough has the decency to see you buried before she claims them "for the nation".
Came across as a typical Guards officer a Gent.
Saw an interview on him with his old BMW bike, recently restored, and he was just one of the boys.

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