Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund Scholarships

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by cpunk, May 21, 2013.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

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  2. Bearing in mind the cost of university education these days it certainly should be.
  3. Not to belittle the idea but did they set the amount while Kitchener was still alive or something?
  4. Two of my sons have been awarded Kitchener Scolarships. The cash certainly enabled them to update their laptops and buy necessary books, and still have a few beer vouchers over.
    The award is not fixed at GBP 750, but will be about that - probably something to do with fund performance.
    Thousands of these scholarships have been awarded over the years, and the foundation does ask scholars if they could subscribe to keep the fund topped up.
    The Foundation also organises an annual dinner somewhere nice - I think the last one one of my sons went to was at Armoury House - a great networking event.
    definitely recommended.
  5. As I said it is not to be sniffed at but with fees being (according to the mail) about £9 Grand then £750 is pretty much only beer money I would have thought.

    Living in the socialist paradise that I do means I don't have to pay anything for my kids BTW. :)
  6. As I said the cash enabled them both to buy new laptops, books and a few celebratory pints, so better than nothing.
  7. Until your socialist paradise goes bankrupt.
    While GBP750 may not be much to some of us to parents struggling to give their children the best education they possibly can it may very well be the difference between enabling them to go to university and not.
    Its a very good scheme and cpunk deserves thanks for bringing it to the attention of a wide audience.
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  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Same amount as an Independent Student's Bursary (up here at least) and better than nowt. It'll cover a half decent laptop or such.
  9. No Heston played General Gordon. Kitchener did indeed serve in the Sudan many times and was the commander who finally defeated the locals in 1898. However he did not die there but was drowned in the North Sea in WW1 while on his way to Russia while serving as Secretary of State for War.
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  10. Slight deviation but may interest some.

    If you're Scottish, still serving and joined the army in Scotland your kids may be entitled to free fees from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (if they study in Scotland). It's not advertised on their site though, and two out of the three people I contacted about it didn't know this was the case. They have changed a lot of policies recently so this may no longer be the case, but it was in 2010. Worth a punt.