Lord Flasheart to stand trial

Flash is accused of some sinister acts regardign being friendly with our resident trollop.

He has been accused of sharing intimate and lengthy phonecalls on severall occasions, lengthy and in depth MSN convos, including personal details and areas of living etc.

He must stand before a body of very biased chaps and humiliated into confession before being ridiculed and mocked for a blatant act of puffy wetness.

His only saving grace is that he was almost a good bloke and worked hard last time she was a nuisance and pioneered a scheme to rid her from Arrse.

The above will clearly be ignored and we will take the p1ss and be nasty and hurtful untill all convo transcripts are offered by him and not the text doctoring mad troll he is accused of engaging in puffiness with.

Trial set for 1900z Monday 28th June

Sentencing after finding him guilty at 1905hrs :D
I'm slighty lost at what is going on behind the scene's. JJ/BB/LL said Flash is secretly seeing her and chatting about arrse members with her, as well as revealing things that should really be kepy quiet! Then he's saying something different to MDN and pals. I kind of hope he's playing JJ/BB/LL, as he's already shared the transcripts chats he's had with the "lost one", so I suspect, that he's doing what any squaddie does. Butter the woman up, meet, pork, leave and never see again !!
I think Doris, bb and lardy lady will leap to his defence, they are clearly in love.

If she does or if her story is withdrawn to protect her scrummy man then that will be an admission of guilt on his behalf and he should retract his medal won in previous campaigns (when I never got one and it was my idea :D )

An act of goodwill from flash would be for him to adopt the 'P1ss on BB' avatar.................. :D


Baron Von Reichs Pudding said:
Although the accused is evidently guilty as charged, do we have any offers as a council for the defence?

Bert ? Civilian In Green ?
Doris, Susie, BB, Olive Green etc is always keen to stand up for 'her' boys.
Not much in the form of a defence coming from the accuseds camp

An admission of guilt made as an early plea may help with sentencing

(we could get it out of the way tonight)

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