Lord Drayson quitting - the reason why

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adge_Cutler, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Resigning on a matter of principle - he will be drummed out of the Party!

    Oh no - he can't, cos he pays the bills.

    Story must be rubbish, send it to the Mail
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I was a bit harsh on the bloke in another thread, because I thought he'd simply buggered off for a jolly.

    I take it back. He's obviously decided that it's a pointless exercise working with Broone, and that some of the bad news might rub off on him. Fair play to him.

    Just another example of the criminal arrogance and stupidity of Broone.
  3. Drayson should have had the courage of his convictions and spelt out exactly why he was going instead of lying aand waffling about motor racing. In behaving this way he's not only walked away from the problems he's walked away from any respect anyone may have ever had for him. That includes his self respect, assuming he ever had any in the first place.
    Future funding looks very grim, heaven help those serving, Brown and Browne won't.
  4. A Tory minister described Drayson with words to the effect of: '....he is a good minister......'. That probably upset 'Bottler' Brown for a start and the fact that the man was a crony of Tony didn't help either I imagine. It makes you wonder though. Give a load of dosh, get ennobled, do a job for a bit (pensionable?) and poke off when it suits - civvies for you!
  5. Thought I would add in the text:

    The real reasons behind the timing of Lord Drayson’s resignation are beginning to seep out. Writing for Comment is Free, Robert Fox reveals that Drayson had intended to stay until the summer but brought forward his departure because of No 10’s refusal to sign off on a new defence industrial strategy which was designed to address a shortfall in the procurement budget of around £10 to £15bn over the next decade.

    What it all boils down to is how badly underfunded the military has been in recent years. Between this year and 2011, as Robert Fox notes, defence spending as a percentage of GDP will drop 2.3 to 2.1%. Everyone has been so keen to spend the peace dividend that they have failed to notice that war hasn’t gone away.

    Realistically, Britain can not play the role in the world that both major parties want it to unless around 3.5% of GDP is spent on it. Gordon Brown has consistently refused to spend this money and hasn’t even appointed a full-time Defence Secretary. While the Tories are wary of making any specific spending commitment this far out from an election. But we simply can not expect the military to continue fighting wars on a peacetime budget.[/i]
  6. Thanks 'adage_cutler' for one of the most sensible posts seen on this site.

    It is obvious that as a man of advanced intellect, you are both an infantryman and Welsh!
  7. If that is the real reason then he should have done the honourable thing and resigned...and state the reason why. But instead he is sneaking off to go racing...!
  8. Lets hear from Dr. Fox exactly what an incoming Conservative government will set the Defence Budget at. The minimum figure should be 6% plus 100 billion in order to rectify the damage inflicted since options for change. Take it from the welfare budget.
  9. If this is really true the service chiefs may well consider their position. To ask aircrew to fly Nimrod, (New safety fears for RAF Nimrods
    A new incident of a fuel leak on an RAF spy plane prompts fears the aircraft may be too old to be flown safely) after yesterdays near miss is really criminal negligence. And its all down to money. Trying to fight two wars on an inadequate peace time budget. The article says it all.
  10. It is the article linked in there that is worth reading:


    Really quite depressing if we are being stuffed with two huge aircraft carriers just to keep labour supporters in jobs..

    "Britain is currently involved in two overseas wars, numerous peacekeeping and counter-terrorist operations, trying to update some of its creaky defence equipment - and all on a peacetime budget appropriate to an army standing down from duty at the end of the cold war.

    Something has to give - only Gordon Brown, and his crew from the old Treasury days, won't admit it. "

    Blair was just the idiot who pitched into all this: Brown is the one who has pulled the purse strings ever tighter for nearly a decade and cannot deny responsibilty
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    General Guffwie on Radio 4 2 days back - very careful to say 'I'm putting words in his [Daryson's] mouth' - speculated as much, as he was intervioewed re. the new 'non-political' National Defence Association.

    I think we should all sign up . . .